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  1. Well sorry to read you still have issues. Make sure you really disconnected all shares from the related server. And connect the share with smb:// server/timemaschine do not use afp:// secret is that Apple uses smb themselves and no longer afp … this may solve the issue - if it does not open an official support request and maybe they can help you after analyzing your servers diagnostic data, you will have to add the diagnostics zip file to your support request if the above does not work.
  2. Yes also works the same way on Monterey Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  3. I have opened the dellnas Server , checked cables and did a mem check , did update the bios to the latest version. Now the parity check has 0 errors again - seems ok for now. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  4. Dear Support, I had today 446 parity errors on one of my Servers. Can you have a look at the diagnostics if you can see what type of issues came up ? Drives seem ok and the parity too but I just wanted to check where the issue is and how can I fix it if possible. Since this is the 1st time errors were seen I am a bit nervous. I had to replace one of the drives a few weeks ago. Thank you for your help. Best regards, Harald Weiss
  5. Dear Support, I have the issue that since the update to RC2 it seems the server does not connect correctly to the myservers service. Tried deleting and reinstalling the plugin which did just delete the backups from local and remote but did not help with the dashboard showing "offline".
  6. There was an issue with the let’s encrypt root CA that could also have caused issues:
  7. I resolved the issue by manually resetting the password on the usb drive and set it to a new one. Drawback is that all users are deleted and needed to be recreated but it works since. USB drive was always ok.
  8. Nods I agree there too I am only a nosey Network and Security Guy living on the "bleeding edge" of technology which has fun testing things out and testing the limits as well I was waiting for an ISO of the Win11 preview to get an early impression what changed. I joined the "Microsoft Insider" and i recieve detailed messages from Microsoft about each patch day. I am part of the Apple Developer Program just so I can access the new stuff early and give feedback when possible. Actually its similar with unraid running one Server on unraid 9.2 and the other with Unraid 10rc1 . Some of this gives me an advantage in my job but I am not getting paid for testing anything yet besides whatever Customer wishes come up on the consulting job
  9. just to show what I have setup : In Windows I do have a script that is planned to run at logon that maps all the drives in the right places: mapping.cmd: net use * /delete /yes net use o: \\dellnas\Windows /savecred net use A: \\dellnas\Audio /savecred net use B: \\dellnas\Winbackup /savecred net use P: \\dellnas\Pictures /savecred net use M: \\dellnas\Movies /savecred net use h: "\\dellnas\Windows\Windows Home\Harald" /savecred rem z1nas shares net use i: "\\z1nas\windows" /savecred net use j: "\\z1nas\pictures" /savecred net use k: "\\z1nas\winbackup" /savecred net use l: "\\z1nas\Music" /savecred net use n: "\\z1nas\documents" /savecred There is maybe an more elegant way with powershell but thats easy enough as a scheduled task. yes I do have 2 Unraid Servers running Each one with 4x 4TB drives in a Dell T30 Server Tower. They have been really reliable no questions asked. On my Macs I also have a similar setup just mapped as "logon objects" for the users which works for the most part and also for Timemachine.
  10. The reason why I map drive letters to unc paths is that not all Windows Software handles UNC paths really well. I know in 2021 they should be able to handle this but there is a lot of instances where the UNC path does not work - in addition some software is even crippled to not allow the unc path directly. And if you ever try to work with VHDX there is even the case of the DNS names do not work reliable but the IP Adress used in combination of a VHDX always works. Address is the same but result is not and DNS resolves ok. As I use multiple Computers and OS i use a mapping script for Windows so I can expect the same "Drive Layout" on each Windows Machine. The Mapping script resides on my Onedrive and is always on the drive from the settings. I prefer UNC Path (Windows) or Volumes (Mac OS) where possible it just throws up sometimes if the Drivecount changes for some reason.
  11. Thank you for the link to the interesting Article and I agree with you - for my background - I am a cybersecurity consultant so I know what you are talking about I think. I also found the reason for the "inaccessable Z: Share" is actually a small gift from the Windows 11 preview install as I found out. See what this is: (An UEFI System Partition with 100 MB what the heck ? And to make things worse its Mounted as a drive but not accessable so it actually blocks my mapping script from using the Z: as a drive letter - so it never mounts the share in the 1st place - well the Win 11 Preview looks good but yes it has its quirks. Another thing not to try is activate Hyper V in Windows 11 - it instantly made my laptop non bootable after reboot and I had to reinstall the win 11 preview again without the Hyper V activation. But then Windows 10 and 11 did boot again. So happy that this time its not an issue of Unraid in that respect So from the Unraid side this problem should be resolved.
  12. Added information which might help- I actually installed the windows 11 preview 2200 on my Laptop in Dual Boot , I access all shares with all OS es Windows 10 , Windows 11 , Mac OS and even Mac OS Monterey where the windows 11 one was the one thing I added today
  13. Dear Support, I have a huge "Windows" share on my Unraid Server which was accessable until today . It shows Fat32 and if i try to access it from Windows10 it says I have no rights to access the share ... I wonder what happened. I have attached the diagnostics ZIP file. Stopping and starting the Array or rebooting the server did not help.