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  1. Thanks for all the hard work on this project! I just wanted to voice support for being able to tweak the OC settings more than just power level. As previous users mentioned it's no longer possible to (easily) get that old nvidia driver installed that will work with nsfmineroc. Right now I have a 60ti running great through the trex docker, but am only at around 52.24 MH/S on ethhash. Of course the card is capable of slightly more but unfortunately my motherboard is old and does not have IOMMU support, so i cannot spin up a VM and passthrough the GPU then OC that way. It sounds really tricky but if you are able to get OC settings working that would be sublime for my use case.
  2. @Squid that's totally fair. I'm basically trying to repurpose a bunch of old server parts and migrate my hardware from a huge gaming tower into a more low key micro atx form factor. I know i should just do a full overhaul but I was just trying to see if it'd be possible with the AM3 Phenom II that's in there. Finding compatible micro atx boards that are now 8-10 years old has been a challenge.
  3. Did you ever figure out if the Gigabyte GA-880GMA-UD2H supports IOMMU? I have the same board and am trying to set GPU passthrough but cant seem to find info on if its possible.
  4. Did you ever figure this out? I have the same mobo and was hoping to passthrough a GPU. Wasn't sure if it was worth trying to update bios.