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  1. You are the man! I cannot believe this was the issue. So the ethernet is part of a Kensington Dock. Is there a way I can force Unraid to unbind it or something similar to allow the dock to be passed through?
  2. The ethernet is part of a dock. I will try without using the dock thank you for the tip.
  3. Here is the diagnostics zip file.
  4. Thank you for the reply. I am not trying to passthrough the Unraid USB group. I want to passthrough the USB controller I have (its a PCIe controller not part of the mobo). Its in group 18 (04:00.0).
  5. No matter what settings and port combination I try. I CANNOT get this USB Controller to passthrough. To my understanding when it is grayed-out like this Unraid is using it. I removed all my VMs and have nothing else running in Unraid but no matter what the controller is grayed-out. MSI B550-Creator Motherboard with VM ACS set to Both. I have been trying to get a decent gaming VM to work for months. When passing just the devices there is a huge FPS drop and I just cannot figure out why I cannot pass the USB controller through. I am close to just using Windows again but there are so many limitations.
  6. Would it be possible to add support for theme.park like the dockers? Not sure how difficult to implement. Thanks.
  7. Hello binhex, I use a few of your dockers and they are great! Regarding this one, do you have any intentions of keeping the docker up-to-date with the prowlarr version? I notice you are a few versions behind and the constant update available is there. Curious if there is a reason you are behind or plan to update? Thank you!
  8. I have been using Mover Tuning with days old and percent enabled for about 6 months now. When setting this in mover tuning the expected result would be when cache reaches percent used it will trigger a move only files older than a specified days old. Instead what happens is mover will trigger at percent used and move all files regardless of age.
  9. I would like to confirm that the value is persisting after restart. I have restarted my server three times during maintenance today. I have another 1 hour maintenance window tomorrow to replace a drive and will do another restart or two to confirm today wasn't a fluke.
  10. I noticed the update. Sorry for the late response I have been working overtime before the Holiday. This weekend I am performing server maintenance and will restart the Unraid server a couple times. I will report back if the value persists after restart. Thank you!
  11. Hello all! I have some questions I hope someone more knowledgeable prople can answer for me. Below is a list of my current Unraid build. I am getting a NIC for Christmas and would like to install it. Here is my question. My current motherboard has three 16x lanes and one 1x lane. Which device should I put on the 1x with a riser and/or should I look for a four 16x motherboard. Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master CPU: AMD 3600x PCIe 1: Nvidia P2000 PCIe 2: LSI Broadcom SAS 9300-8i-8-port PCIe 3: LSI Broadcom SAS 9300-8i-8-port New NIC: Dell 0RT8N1 Mellanox Connectx-2 The reason for the dilemma is because I am not sure regarding the limitations of a riser when it comes to the data transfer rate which is why I was leaning towards the GPU. Suggestions and thoughts would be appreciated!
  12. Good to know. I will restart to confirm its persisting then. So far it has not persisted but I was messing with sysctl.conf. Update: The issue I am having where plex is unable to scan the EAC3 audio files is still persisting and the inotify.max_user_watches stays at 512k. Leading me to believe the value is not setting for Unraid. Going to try and reach out to Unraid support because I have not been able to get this working since day 1 on my server.
  13. Thank you for helping me confirm the tweaks applied. I see it in the logs. That is perfectly acceptable that it does not persist on reboot.
  14. Here is what I tried doing. After restarting the server, tips and tweaks had it set to 4194304 but on the right it was the default. Opening the file in the terminal also showed the default (and showed a default conf file with no extra parameters - seems to have reset the conf upon restart). After inputting 4194304 again tips and tweaks showed the number on the right. This does not persist when I restart but honestly not a big deal if its working but I do not know a way to confirm this until plex tries to detect intros on an EAC3 audio file. Which was the original reason I went down this rabbit hole.