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  1. brain fart on me .. i got it working. Had to change the port=1 to port=0 on both vms in the XML file as the tty connect I was using was to port0 .. ah duh !. I now have console session on Linux mint VM. Thanks A million SimonF .. you are a Rockstar !
  2. Kool ... thanks for the info. I expected as much. update ... Ok. So playing around in the lab this am. As per the instructions 1) I installed socat- on my UNRAID 6.12-.10 Pro server 2) I configured the serial connection in the XML file for my OpenVMS VM as outlined in the steps 3) I configured the serial connection in the XML file for my Linux mint VM (Serial console machine) VM – on the same UNRAID server as OpenVMS VM. 4) Powered up both VMs and then from command prompt on UNRAID server ran a. socat -dd UNIX-CLIENT:/tmp/foo UNIX-CLIENT:/tmp/foo2 b. got the desired connection results 5) Went back to my linux mint console VM and checked the tty ports 6) Then tried a screen connect to get a console session on my OpenVMS VM from my Linux Mint VM … screen failed to open – used à sudo screen /dev/ttyS0 115200 Should I be using another command on my Linux mint machine to get console display from the OpenVMS VM ? This is what the UNRAID console session for the OPenVMS VM looks like in UNRAID VM Console (VNC) … and this is what I am trying to get on my Linux Mint VM with the serial console connect. I feel like this a brain freeze on my part … so close but missing something. I’m reading up on socat whitepapers. I’m not a Guru Linux guy but learning. J Thanks, E
  3. Thanks a lot SimonF for the speedy reply. I will work on it this weekend to see if I can get it working. Awesome ! 🙂 forgot to mention that I am on UNRAID 6.12.10 Pro version .... yikes how stupid of me that I forgot to mention this ! so if I am understanding your setup I should use the socat- version but for the next release of UNRAID I will need to install the socat- version. Not sure if you can tell me this but, will I have to keep installing the latest version of socat each time UNRAID OS is upgraded ... or after each upgrade I should check it it still works and if not search for latest version of socat? anyhow thanks again ... will go to my lab later and try this out. 🙂 thanks, E
  4. Hi All, I have been searching for days now and have not found a solution yet. I'm trying to use a Linux mint VM and VSI OpenVMS on x86 VM, both on the same UNRAID server and have them share a serial connection using the Linux mint VM as the serial console connection for the VMS server VM. Yes I know nostalgia here ... but when I first started working after University my 1st job was a VAX Operator. Much appreciated if someone knows how to set this up. I've tried suggestion I googled and can't get it working. I have this working on my VMWare Pro Workstation host with the serial connection for both VMs a named pipe. I want to get this working on my UNRAID server in hopes to set up another VAX and get a VAX cluster going between the two systems. thanks, E
  5. would also like to add that @Jaycedk was correct about the zoom settings. This can be used to fix the dashboard tiles row by row. When @ 100% zoom, lower it to about 90% and the tiles will fall neatly back into place.
  6. @Jaycedk thanks for putting me on the right track. I could not find the zoom settings ... should have checked the zoom settings in Chrome browser but you did put me on the right track to go back to default. I made a simple problem more complicated. Simply went to dafult settings and selected DEFAULT | Done ... then selected Black and Apply. The dashbord is the way I want it now. OMG I have been stuck with the fully expanded row by row dashboard since I upgrade to 6.12 ... thought this was the new dashboard all expanded. lol but I am happy now ... got my dsahboar back to this view ... thanks, E
  7. Found how to fix. It had to do with dynamix color schemes. Putting the UNRAID display setting back to default white fixes my dashboard problem opening up fully expanded row by row. All other color schemes other than the default white expands the dashboard in this mannner. Or at least for me. this is the dashboard view I have now & want ... only wish I could have the black or gray background. too bright 😁 still searching for this plugin .. maybe updated version available ? ... have not seen it yet. Maybe part of another plugin from dynamix ? thanks, E
  8. Ok thanks again scolcipitato ... I will unlock the dashboard page and try moving the window panes around. thanks, E
  9. @scolcipitato .... thanks so much for your speedy reply. #1/ just as you said on the VMs tab I unlocked the page and then moved one of the VMs ... then <ctrl><F5> and poof the 3 VMs folders showed up & I was able to populate with VMs. So this is all fixed for me now. Awesome Sauce ! Now as for the dashboard I tried the same process as above plus show/hide all content and <ctrl><f5>. I was able to get the dashboard looking like it should but as soon as I expand all folders ie\ it reverts back to all folders row by row a couple pages long. unlock button --> hide all -> then <ctrl><f5> ... unlock button --> show all -->then <ctrl><f5>... I verified that my custom settings in the Folder View containers & VM are not set to expand on dashboard. I'm not sure if this is the behaviour of UNRAID 6.12, but I was wondering if the dashboard can be setup as in V 6.10 ... like this ... I Like this view ... Docker Folders use keep this view on V 6.10, but I have yet figured out how to get this view back with V 6.12 either with docker folders or folder view. So in the one of threads you pointed me to ... on the dashboard I typed 'debug' .. the debug logs came down.... debug-DASHBOARD-DOCKER.json debug-DASHBOARD-VM.json I hope I followed the instructions properly ... this is my 1st time downloading logs in UNRAID and uploading debug logs to forum. Again I really appreciate all your hard work both providing and helping us with these awesome tools ! thanks again, E
  10. Hi Guys, and a big shoutout to @scolcipitato for taking this project on and bringing us all joy! I am running UNRAID version 6.12.3. I uninstalled by Docker Folder plugin .. as per the instructions on the Folder View pages. OMG ! forgot how Nasty a pile of docker containers looks without a folder mgmt plugin. 😁 Then I installed folder View via CA ... don't know what version it was but I just finished updating it to ver# 2023.08.20 as a update for 2023.08.20 popped up on my screen. #1/ In either case I am having a small problem with creating VM Folders ... I've tried creating 3 different VM folders and none of them are showing up in the VMs tab. ... Just my 8 VMs that I have on UNRAID and no folders. #2/ My main dashboard is that horrendous fully expanded view .. is there any way to get back the small compact view showing my all folders on the main dashboard including the custom VMs and Container folders from Folder View plugin. Docker folders plugin use to do this. I think up until version 6.10 or something like that .. 6.12 it broke. #3/ absolutely no issues with the docker containers and creating custom folders in docker containers, adding custom animated icons and populating the custom docker container folders with containers. The containers do show up on the main dashboard, but in fully expanded mode. yuck ! BTW I have tried rebooting my server and clearing my browser(s) cache with CCLeaner .. still no joy. 😒 I know I am missing something really stupid here ... been at it for a couple hrs now. and last on the docker tab I can see the slider for basic and advanced view... and it works. I'm not sure if I am remembering correctly, but on the VM tab before any custom folders was added, I'm pretty sure I saw the basic\advanced slider and then when I created my first VM folder .. that slider is now gone. But then I could have been imagining things as like I said I have been at it for a while. I will go to bed and sleep on it. thanks in advance, E Please forgive me if I AM missing anything obvious .. but I have been through all 7 pages of this thread and I did not really see anything about VM folders not being created or the main dashboard still being in fully expanded view.
  11. awesome ! glad to hear it is working for you. Way to hang in there and get it done. Again I would have never figured it out without some direction from other seasoned UNRAID users. When I have time I will go back thru these posts and try to get NordLynx VPN working as my backup VPN. I have been struggling to get this working but some recent posts has given me some options to try to get this VPN working.
  12. all ... I'm not sure if you seen this post but try this. Still working for me as of time of this post.
  13. Sorry to hear that. I'm not sure where to go from here. You may have to hack at it until you figure out what is wrong ... or maybe some other more seasoned UNRAID veteran can help. are you sure you tried all the settings in spaceinvader1's video? Spaceinvader1 specifically noted that the NZBGET web GUI could not be launched from the drop down list in the docker container once it has been routed thru VPN container (odd because deluge GUI can be launched without any further config) ... you had to add the port for NZBGET & manually enter the serverIp:port# in your web browser URL to use nzbget. ie/
  14. sorry to hear that guys ... maybe this spaceinvader1 tutorial may help ... thisi is the tutorial I used to set up my deluge and he shows how to setup nzbget to be routed thru VPN. if you get stuck with anything in UNRAID server, search for spaceinvader1 tutorials. This chap really is a UNRAID rockstar.
  15. use Community App (CA) search for nordVPN. you will see another VPN .. close that windows then click the link which says more results ... Then scroll down the list until you see tmnight88 nordVPN ... then click install.