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  1. If the interface is for VM's, the interface itself doesn't need a gateway. The VM's themselves would have the gateway set, the nic would just be the connection. At least that's how it works on the VMWare side. I don't run any VM's on my unraid boxes.
  2. Typically you should only have one default gw. You can add a route specific for the /24 on eth 2. Not sure where to store it so it's added on every future reboot.
  3. Ah ok. Yup that makes total sense. Will do that tomm. thanks!
  4. All, I have a somewhat weird config. eth0 - 1Gbe NIC Onboard eth1 - 10Gb Mellanox ConnectX-2 NIC Basically what I want to do is use the 1Gbe NIC for managing the unraid host. The 10Gb interface would be used for host access. The thing is that I cannot find anyway to assign the gateway/dns to eth1. unRaid automatically wants me to assign the gateway to eth0. Basically I have this setup, and it works, but it looks funky in the gui: eth0 - / / GW / DNS eth1 - / Is there a way to swit
  5. So just updated one tower from 6.2.4 to 6.3.1. Everything went find except I no longer see all network interfaces. Both servers have the onboard NIC, and then a quad port nic. 6.2.4 is still fine. On 6.3.1 I see eth0, eth1, and then eth118. I had to unplug the last two connections else I would drop pings. I never had an issue before connecting 5 x 1 Gbe through the LAG on my switch. I would see all 5 interfaces come up. Working tower on 6.2.4: root@Tower:~# dmesg | grep eth [ 9.573807] tg3 0000:08:00.0 eth0: Tigon3 [partno(BCM57781) rev 57785100] (
  6. I like that. That way when copying things between unRaid servers I'm not crushing the main interfaces. Granted, drive access may be slowed if they grab something from that drive. I was thinking about grabbing a Quanta LB6M, and trunking the ethernet ports to my main ethernet switches, and switching all my servers over to IPoIB.
  7. Did you get any feedback on this elsewhere? Thanks!
  8. So what are you guys using for your config file? I am now running 2 CyberPower 1500's. One for my Emby Server, ESXi Host, and router, another for 2 unRaid servers and a Cisco switch. I'd like the one 1500 to shut down both unraid servers. Since there is only one USB cable I figured the unraid server I connect the cable to will have a script in it's shutdown script to shut the other server down as well? thanks!
  9. Is irqbalance enabled? Years ago I ran into issues like this on xenserver because irqbalance was disabled, and a single threaded application would make core 0 very busy, and then cause network issues. Enabling irqbalance would then let any cores deal with network requests.
  10. Hello, Am running two unRaid 6 servers, and I'm curious if the Quad Port Intel 82571EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller is supposed to be supported? The host does not seem to see the interface. thanks!
  11. I think you are seeing what I saw with my prior issue. Your SATA controller card has some theoretical top throughput that it can handle. When you are doing a parity check you are initially starting out with all disks, and the speed of it at that point can be limited by 1) the speed of your slowest drive, and 2) the throughput capability of your SATA controllers. If I hook up a firehose to a garden hose, I limit the water going through, same thing here with the data. Ton of data going through that controller, perhaps you are getting close to the actual throughput your card can handle, a
  12. If you limit access to the unraid server it should not be a big deal, but any additional plugins/docker apps could make it more vulnerable.
  13. I just upgraded to BETA9 and was looking through the syslog when I saw the following entry: VMware vmxnet3 virtual NIC driver - version Is it normal for the Xen to be using a VMWare driver? Thanks, Marcus