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  1. @dlandon @wgstarks I managed to activate notifications now lol... Now it worked, thanks everyone for help. You are sensational! I'll leave the script for whoever needs it. It's very easy and simple.
  2. The UD page is this? I found this on another website. /usr/local/sbin/rc.unassigned mount autodevices all devices set to auto mount will be mounted. /usr/local/sbin/rc.unassigned mount autoshares all SMB/NFS mounts set to auto mount will be mounted. /usr/local/sbin/rc.unassigned umount auto all devices and SMB/NFS mounts set to auto mount will be unmounted. /usr/local/sbin/rc.unassigned umount all all devices and SMB/NFS mounts are unmounted in preparation for shutting down the array. /usr/local/sbin/rc.unassigned mount /dev/sdX or devX mount device sdX where 'X' is the device designator. The devX is the device name in the UD page. If the device name is 'Dev 1', then use dev1 as the device to mount. /usr/local/sbin/rc.unassigned umount /dev/sdX or devX unmount device sdX /usr/local/sbin/rc.unassigned spindown devX spin down a disk. SSDs will not spin down. /usr/local/sbin/rc.unassigned mount SOURCE where SOURCE is the SMB/NFS source. /usr/local/sbin/rc.unassigned umount SOURCE where SOURCE is the SMB/NFS source. So I tried like that but didn't work /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/scripts/rc.unassigned mount /dev/dev1 or /usr/local/sbin/rc.unassigned mount /dev/dev1
  3. But I don't know how to use this! Is it right? /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/scripts/rc.unassigned mount "/dev/dev1"
  4. Gentlemen, I thought when restarting Unraid, device letters on unassigned devices wouldn't change. But I took a test and they changed. It was "sde and "sdg" and now it's "sdd" and "sdf". I have a script in "CA users Scripts" who assembles these devices to backup. It's programmed to run automatically. In this case, it doesn't work. Does anyone have a solution? This is my script in "CA users Scripts" Fixed_Device=( "sde" "sdg" ) i=0 while [ $i -lt ${#Fixed_Device[@]} ] do /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/scripts/rc.unassigned mount "/dev/${Fixed_Device[$i]}1" let i++ done
  5. Hey people, how can I schedule an automatic device mount? crontab or other?
  6. This way didn't work. To solve I turned off the array and turned it on again. I'll look at it a few more days. Thank you for your help
  7. Thanks for this tip. I'll try. Another question. Shouldn't the device name be Disk 4 (attached)?
  8. I was the one who posted something like this lol I still haven't been able to resolve it. But I've already verified that the problem is with the script I'm using. Diagnoses attached. Tks
  9. @dlandon please, can you help me with my script? When I connect a backup device (HD), the backup is done normally. When I connect another backup device, the label name isn't updated. So I need to restart my server to clean up the "temporary file", so the label updates. Doubt: when I finish making the backup, do I need to clean up any temp folder in unraid? I believe that is the problem. The error is attached. This is my script: This is my post about my script:
  10. My disks are attached into USB desktop, but i restarted the server and the error disappeared