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  1. Are people just experiencing problems with PIA and not AirVPN too? Since the update last week I have not been able to access the GUI, but found the container was showing as orphaned? Reinstalled new version, but could not establish a VPN connection + Sonar and Radar can't see index sites either. I have ended up having to restore my app data to a previous version, so assume now running older version of SabnzbVPN. But it's working.
  2. Disk 3 was disabled again overnight, it is an infamous Seagate ST20000DM0001 and about 5 years old I have taken it out of the array and am now doing a preclear to test it. Prior to that I have checked all SATA and power connectors, and reseated my HBA cards
  3. Thanks for your reply, thankfully the array is now back up and working with no errors
  4. Disk 3 rebuilt OK and the array is up and running. So it appears that an xfs fault in md5 was causing problems for disk 3 to rebuild?
  5. I tried omitting the disk 3 , restarting the array, stopping the array and restarting again to force the disk to be rebuilt However I kept getting a message about a fault on md5 and to run an xfs repair. I had to reboot the array as the terminal I had attached to the server had gone blank, and if I call up a command prompt window it is blank? Run xfs repair and it found corruption and carried out repair. I am now carrying out a data rebuild on Disk 3 again with 7 hours to go. I attach a new diagnostics file, I realize that this may n
  6. Yes I tried connecting Disk 5 to another PC and it was not detected.
  7. I am running 6.8.3 and had a disk fail (Disk 5) Replaced disk OK and left array to rebuild, this has just completed but I have 475 million errors in Disk 3 Please find attached diagnostic file
  8. 50 views and no replies, I would be really really grateful for any help or suggestions. I have had a very good google session and can't find any answers other than what I have already tried, and hoped that there may be a UPS guru in the forum members.
  9. I have a APC Back UPS RS 800 which is reporting wrong and random information in Unraid I have renewed the batteries, done a manual calibration (with a 500W floodlight it lasted 10 mins, so batteries & charger are OK), run APCtest and carried out a calibration and tried the brain dead procedure too. At the moment with 25% load it is reporting 2 mins run time. Help, I just don't know what to try next. I have another identical UPS running on another server running UnRaid, which works OK and shows 44 mins runtime at 25% UPS load.
  10. The APC instructions mentions that a load must be at least 30% of the max UPS output (mine was 500W vs 540W), and had to be constant. I didn't see any mention of max load through?
  11. I appreciate what you are saying, but despite 1 server having 20 disks and the other 9 disks, both servers are reporting very similar loading's which is why I would assume that run times to be similar, especially as exactly the same make / model of UPS is being used. I have now swapped UPS's between the 2 servers, and the run times swap? So Server 1 20 Disk runtime was cira 5 mins, now shows runtime cira 33 mins (UPS 1) And Server 2 9 Disk runtime was cira 33mins, now shows runtime cira 5 mins (UPS 2) I have replaced the battery in UPS 1 (it was
  12. I have 2 UnRaid Servers each fed by separate APC UPS's (One 20 disk and the other 9 disk). Both UPS's are the same model APC Back-UPS RS8000 Each UPS is showing similar loadings, however the run times are different - which the load shots show The UPS showing the shortest run time I have replaced the battery, and it has made no difference to the run time (you would think it would increase as the original battery was 5 years old). I have carried out a hard re-calibration test of the UPS with the new battery, but this did not make any difference in run time
  13. I am now tried a hard re-calbrate and it not made an difference Even though both systems show similar loads, one has 20 disks (the one with 5 mins left) and the other 9 disks. This is with all disks running on arrays Instead of thinking there is a fault with the shortest run time, could there be a fault with other array reporting the wrong loading.
  14. Thanks, I'll give this a go
  15. I have 2 UnRaid Servers running 6.8, each protected by a APC Back-UPS RS800 UPS (Nominal Power 540W) Both servers are showing around 120W UPS 23% UPS Load, however one is showing 35 minute run time and the other 6 minute run time (sometimes this drops below 5 minutes and is shown in red). The battery in the UPS feeds the server with the shortest run time is circa 5 years old, but the UPS is not indicating a battery issue As a precaution I have just replaced the battery, however the run time is still the same???? I haven't tried swapping the UPS's between the