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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I'm not looking to do anything super-whiz-bang on this VM. Content caching was a nice to have, but what I'm most interested in was having all the iOS devices (10 of them) wirelessly sync/backup to the OSX VM since no one in my family seems to care about backing their crap up. In order to meet my objectives within the limits of the current state, would you recommend I start over with a High Sierra (or other) install?
  2. Hello I spent some time spinning my wheels trying to get Content Caching to work on my recent BigSur install. The addition of this to my config.plist didn't seem to resolve the issue. Is there a step I missed? Was I supposed to apply the previously mentioned patch as well? The behavior: I was able to get the BigSur (11.5.2) install up and running with some minor hiccups from SpaceInvader's tutorial. One thing that I was struggling with originally was the build-in eth0 thing. I resolved that successfully and was able to sign in with my Apple ID. When I applied the snipped code above and rebooted, it seemed to kick me out of my Apple ID within the install and I had to sign in again (with 2FA, etc). I headed over to the Content Caching function and the checkbox is still grey. Not sure if there is anything to try next.
  3. Thank you. I had noticed the conversation and rapid progress. Looking forward to the release!
  4. Is there an ETA for the developer supported Unraid docker? I tried the one currently in the apps section and it went down in flames. Won’t start anymore. When it did run, initial import lit up my server, but eventually slowed to a crawl. After 30 something hours of processing, I had to pause the sync process to manage something else and when I tried restarting the docker, it just crashes.