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  1. Im not sure if it is a bug.. But i have this problem i can change the password on root user and login with it np if i try to make another user.. i wont login with the password i give it i did reinstall unraid some times and did try alot of stuf cant even see the user in console
  2. The problem is i need to share a Unraid disk so my ubuntu server Can acces it Not making unraid find a NFS drive hope i make sense
  3. Hello Unraid forum i relly need som help just got Unraid on my Qnap nas and im trying to make a NFS share to my other linux ubuntu server.. and keep getting ::::: mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting i did put my settings to public in the folder But i think i need to whitelist my server.. can some one guide me tru the SSH terminal ? or tell me how to get it to work ? my Fstab (on my ubuntu server) Mount error / Ubuntu server Media NFS security settings Settings NFS Hope some one can help im new to linux and Unraid best regards poxixs