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  1. Dutch language is now finally fully translated. Except Parity Check Tuning where it was written in the translation file that is was better to not translate certain things.
  2. I usually just use putty to ssh to the server. And then use the rm (remove) command Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A202F met Tapatalk
  3. Couple more hours of translating: First some corrections in apps.txt & translations.txt Then fix all missing translations in /Unassigned Devices/unassigneddevices.txt Not fully translated (stated in the translation file) - Parity Check Tuning Added and translated: - Dynamix Active Streams - Dynamix Auto Fan - Dynamix Cache Dirs - Dynamix Date Time - Dynamix Day Night - Dynamix Local Master - Dynamix SSD TRIM - Dynamix System Info - Dynamix File Integrety - Dynamix System Temp - File Activity - Dynamix System Stats - Hotplug USB - Dynamix S3 Sleep - Enhanced Log - Open Files - Tips and Tweaks Still needs to be translated and added: - Dynamix File Integrety - Dynamix S3 Sleep - Dynamix System Stats - Dynamix System Temp - Enhanced Log - File Activity - Hotplug USB - Open Files - Tips and Tweaks - Parity Check Tuning @Squid I also saw a problem in community apps plugin, the Actions button can't seem to be translated (I let explorer++ search all language file but it can't seem to find "Actions" in the files.) Image attached of the "Actions" button
  4. I see /Unassigned Devices/unassigneddevicessettings.txt saying some line is missing. But I added that line already. Any idea how to correct this?
  5. I think they already added my name in this commit. You may always just add Stijnr22 to the contributions list.
  6. I will probably test some plugins from the English repo, see if they are any useful for me and then translate them. One of the future days
  7. @SpencerJ Is there also a way to translate plugins? The fix common problems plugin is used by many people, I should like to translate that. But I guess the multi language support needs to be made by the developer of the plugin?
  8. Thanks, server reboot solved it. I just installed the dutch language pack again and I see the changes that I did, all working now.
  9. I think I messed up trying that. Now parts of the gui start missing. Probably that's because I didn't remove the dutch language pack before uploading a new one. Pressing the "swap language" button puts the gui a bit back in English but not completely and still parts keep missing (docker and vm tab is empty) Any idea if there somewhere a config that stores the gui language that I can easily change?
  10. I fixed a lot of missing translations in already existing files listed here. See pull request Personally my main language is Dutch, the translations should be correct. I'm only using Unraid for a couple days now, I saw the dutch language pack and updated it. The following files are added: /Unassigned Devices/editsettings.tx The following files still need to be translated: (I will do this later, still unknown when exactly) /Dynamix Active Streams/activestreams.txt /Dynamix Auto Fan/fansettings.txt /Dynamix Cache Dirs/folderchacingsettings.txt /Dynamix Date Time/datetime.txt /Dynamix Day Night/daynightssettings.txt /Dynamix File Integrity/fileintegrity.txt /Dynamix File Integrity/integrity.txt /Dynamix Local Master/smb.txt /Dynamix S3 Sleep/sleepsettings.txt /Dynamix SSD Trim/scheduler.txt /Dynamix System Info/systemprofiler.txt /Dynamix System Stats/statsettings.txt /Dynamix System Stats/stats.txt /Dynamix System Temp/tempsettings.txt /Enhanced Log/enhancedsyslogsettings.txt /Enhanced Log/enhancedsyslog.txt /File Activity/fileactivity.txt /Hotplug USB/libvirthotplugusb.txt /Open Files/openfiles.txt /Parity Check Tuning/paritychecktuning.txt /Tips and Tweaks/tipsandtweaks.txt Is there any way to test the plugins with new translations that I just did? Do I need to build those language packs or how does that work?