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Thanks to @Squid, we now have an easy way to track and see any missing Dutch translations by comparing the Dutch github repo with the English Github repo.


To see missing words/phrases, please see here: https://squidly271.github.io/languageErrors.html#nl_NL


If you would like to make contributions to the Dutch Github Repo, please do so there and be sure to follow the instructions outlined in the README.md file.


All PR's will be reviewed by myself and @bonienl prior to any merges. 


Dank Je,


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I'll try to contribute some translations. I've now done two small files and will probably do some more in the coming weeks. Would you like them all as one big pull request or should I submit them as I go. (The first might cause a situation where others do translations that I've already stored locally.)


Unfortunately I won't be able to test my translations (at the moment), since I only have my main server running on 6.8.3. I might try to setup a test server in VMWare, but that would have to run inside of an Unraid VM. What could go possibly go wrong? I reckon this won't be too much of a problem since @SpencerJ and @bonienl will still be reviewing the PR's.


I'll also be reviewing the translations that've already been done. I'd like to suggest an alternative translation for 'Share' which is now translated as Map. Netwerkschijf or Netwerkmap seems more appropriate and maybe even keeping it as 'Share' would also be an option. Should I file a GitHub issue for this?

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