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Thanks to @Squid, we now have an easy way to track and see any missing Dutch translations by comparing the Dutch github repo with the English Github repo.


To see missing words/phrases, please see here: https://squidly271.github.io/languageErrors.html#nl_NL


If you would like to make contributions to the Dutch Github Repo, please do so there and be sure to follow the instructions outlined in the README.md file.


All PR's will be reviewed by myself and @bonienl prior to any merges. 


Dank Je,


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I'll try to contribute some translations. I've now done two small files and will probably do some more in the coming weeks. Would you like them all as one big pull request or should I submit them as I go. (The first might cause a situation where others do translations that I've already stored locally.)


Unfortunately I won't be able to test my translations (at the moment), since I only have my main server running on 6.8.3. I might try to setup a test server in VMWare, but that would have to run inside of an Unraid VM. What could go possibly go wrong? I reckon this won't be too much of a problem since @SpencerJ and @bonienl will still be reviewing the PR's.


I'll also be reviewing the translations that've already been done. I'd like to suggest an alternative translation for 'Share' which is now translated as Map. Netwerkschijf or Netwerkmap seems more appropriate and maybe even keeping it as 'Share' would also be an option. Should I file a GitHub issue for this?

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15 minutes ago, ZekerPixels said:

I have never realy done anything with github, but gave it a try with a contribution of the translation for the Recycle Bin. If it doesn't show up or if anything is wrong let me know.

Hello @ZekerPixels! I don't see any open Pull Requests in the Dutch repo. I do see you have forked the repo. If you go into your changes with the file and push them into the Master Repo and and complete a Pull Request, I can review and merge. Please let me know if you have any questions here and feel free to DM me if need be.


I'm not sure if you are using Github Desktop or attempting to edit within the web editor.

If it's the web editor (easiest way), here's what you'll want to do:


Click the little pencil in the top right header. This will fork the repo.


Insert your translations:


%s used of %s %s %%=%s brugt af %s (%s %%)
Active tunnels=aktive tunneller

(Danish example)

If you want to stop and commit your translations. Go to the bottom and under "Propose Changes" just put a little description like "dashboard lines 1-3".


This will take you to another page that compares changes between your forked file and the Master repo. If everything looks good, click "Create Pull Request". Then, I will be notified and will check to make sure the format looks good.


Easy enough? Please let me know if you have any questions!


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I fixed a lot of missing translations in already existing files listed here. See pull request
Personally my main language is Dutch, the translations should be correct. I'm only using Unraid for a couple days now, I saw the dutch language pack and updated it. 

The following files are added:

/Unassigned Devices/editsettings.tx

The following files still need to be translated: (I will do this later, still unknown when exactly)

/Dynamix Active Streams/activestreams.txt

/Dynamix Auto Fan/fansettings.txt

/Dynamix Cache Dirs/folderchacingsettings.txt

/Dynamix Date Time/datetime.txt

/Dynamix Day Night/daynightssettings.txt

/Dynamix File Integrity/fileintegrity.txt

/Dynamix File Integrity/integrity.txt

/Dynamix Local Master/smb.txt

/Dynamix S3 Sleep/sleepsettings.txt

/Dynamix SSD Trim/scheduler.txt

/Dynamix System Info/systemprofiler.txt

/Dynamix System Stats/statsettings.txt

/Dynamix System Stats/stats.txt

/Dynamix System Temp/tempsettings.txt

/Enhanced Log/enhancedsyslogsettings.txt

/Enhanced Log/enhancedsyslog.txt

/File Activity/fileactivity.txt

/Hotplug USB/libvirthotplugusb.txt

/Open Files/openfiles.txt

/Parity Check Tuning/paritychecktuning.txt

/Tips and Tweaks/tipsandtweaks.txt

Is there any way to test the plugins with new translations that I just did? 
Do I need to build those language packs or how does that work?


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29 minutes ago, SpencerJ said:

IIRC, you can also manually installed local language files (from your translated branch) via Tools->Language.

I think I messed up trying that. Now parts of the gui start missing.
Probably that's because I didn't remove the dutch language pack before uploading a new one. 
Pressing the "swap language" button puts the gui a bit back in English but not completely and still parts keep missing (docker and vm tab is empty) 

Any idea if there somewhere a config that stores the gui language that I can easily change?


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39 minutes ago, Stijnr22 said:

Do I need to build those language packs or how does that work?


You need to put your new translations in a zip file on your PC, Select the local folder lang-nl_NL and zip it to file lang-nl_NL.zip

Under Tools -> Language switch to "Developer" mode

Now select the language you want to import -- Nederlands

Click Browse to select the zip file you have just created

Click Upload to get the language installed for testing. A confirmation window is shown upon success.


Note: languages installed this way are for testing purposes only and are removed after a system reboot, where else the official language packs are permanently installed.


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13 minutes ago, bonienl said:

Note: languages installed this way are for testing purposes only and are removed after a system reboot, where else the official language packs are permanently installed.


Thanks, server reboot solved it.

I just installed the dutch language pack again and I see the changes that I did, all working now.

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3 minutes ago, Stijnr22 said:

Is there also a way to translate plugins?
The fix common problems plugin is used by many people, I should like to translate that. But I guess the multi language support needs to be made by the developer of the plugin?


Unfortunately, I don't see that plugin listed here: https://github.com/unraid/lang-en_US


If you have any others that you see from the English file- please let me know and I'd be happy to add it to Dutch.

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4 minutes ago, Stijnr22 said:

fix common problems plugin is used by many people

Because Fix Common Problems is so verbose and with a lot of substitutions taking place in the text messages, it was going to be a real pain to reconfigure everything support multi-language (and with the necessary testing of every single warning / error / other all over again) that it wasn't worth the free time investment on my part unless a massive overhaul of the test routines ever takes place.



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3 minutes ago, SpencerJ said:

If you have any others that you see from the English file- please let me know and I'd be happy to add it to Dutch.

I will probably test some plugins from the English repo, see if they are any useful for me and then translate them. One of the future days

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6 minutes ago, bonienl said:

Thank you for your contributions. If you want we can add your name to the list of contributors of the Dutch language on the Credits page of Unraid.

Let us know if you want this and what name should be added.


I think they already added my name in this commit.



You may always just add Stijnr22 to the contributions list. 

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Couple more hours of translating:

First some corrections in apps.txt & translations.txt

Then fix all missing translations in /Unassigned Devices/unassigneddevices.txt

Not fully translated (stated in the translation file)

- Parity Check Tuning

Added and translated:
- Dynamix Active Streams

- Dynamix Auto Fan
- Dynamix Cache Dirs
- Dynamix Date Time
- Dynamix Day Night
- Dynamix Local Master
- Dynamix SSD TRIM
- Dynamix System Info

- Dynamix File Integrety

- Dynamix System Temp

- File Activity

- Dynamix System Stats

- Hotplug USB

- Dynamix S3 Sleep

- Enhanced Log

- Open Files

- Tips and Tweaks

Still needs to be translated and added:
- Dynamix File Integrety
- Dynamix S3 Sleep
- Dynamix System Stats
- Dynamix System Temp
- Enhanced Log
- File Activity
- Hotplug USB
- Open Files

- Tips and Tweaks
- Parity Check Tuning

@Squid I also saw a problem in community apps plugin, the Actions button can't seem to be translated (I let explorer++ search all language file but it can't seem to find "Actions" in the files.)  Image attached of the "Actions" button


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