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  1. This statement in the release notes: "No need to use the master key now." Has me hopeful my issue will be resolved with this update. 🙂 Thanks for making this available Djoss. Kevin
  2. I'm having trouble getting my Backblaze B2 bucket selected. I can enter a Display name, and then paste in the Account ID and Application Key (to avoid typing errors), but then I cannot select a bucket. Are there limitations on the bucket or display names of some kind? (Other than the Backblaze guidelines limiting you to A-Z, a-z, and -.) Kevin
  3. Does it represent a problem if you have empty slots? For example, I just replaced my disks 1 though 4 with a single drive (four 2 TB drives in to one 8TB drive) I put the 8 TB drive in slot 1, but slots 2, 3, 4, are now empty. Everything seems to be working fine. Is there any reason the empty and non-contiguous slots would be a problem (aside from being somewhat esthetically displeasing)? Kevin
  4. That makes sense. It's been 20 years since I studied how using parity to reconstruct data worked, but it makes sense that zeroing the drive would be a step that would preserve parity. I was thinking that once the data was gone, parity would be intact without the drive, and I could just yank it, but I can at least conceive of how that would not be the case and you'd need to zero the drive before you could pull it and have parity stay intact. Patience it is then. 🙂 Thank you for your time and reply. Kevin
  5. I have started replacing the 8 year old 2 TB drives in my backup array. I had previously updated both parity drives to 8 TB, and am in the process of shrinking the array. I am following the procedure outlined here: https://wiki.unraid.net/index.php/Shrink_array Specifically the clear drive then remove section. I am using the unbalance plugin to move everything off the old drive on to the new drive, the the clear_array_drive script to clear the old drive. Reading the description of what the clear_array_drive script does, I am wondering if that step is really needed. The wiki says the script "it will completely and safely zero out the drive" Once removed these drives will be destroyed so I am not worried about data being retained on them. Does the script do something else necessary for the procedure? I can be patient if needed, but it would be nice to avoid another lengthy step if possible. Thank you for your help. Kevin
  6. Thank you. I updated the name and it starts the server and I can access the web interface, but it still doesn't start the GUI, though I can (as before) log in to the terminal. In the past I've just updated after looking at the release notes. I see this time there is a thread about the other preparatory steps that needed to be taken, which, of course, mentioned the change in legal characters. With future updates I'll look or similar threads before updating. Anyway, I'll run through the thread on updating to 6.5.0, and I have Fix Common Problems running now. in the worse case I suppose I can always start with a fresh installation. Thank you again for your help. Kevin
  7. Hello all I recently updated from 6.4.0 to 6.5.0. When I restarted, it boots to the login prompt, but never starts the UI. Suggestions? Diagnostics attached. Thank you very much for your help. Kevin tower_bkup-diagnostics-20180403-1352.zip
  8. Maybe it's just voodoo now, but I've pre-cleared all my drives and haven't had any premature failures, on drives some of which are now more than 8 years old. The drives that failed pre-clear I've returned. Although my sample size is only around 20 drives, I'm a believer in stress testing a drive before putting it in to use. If I understand correctly, the plug in functioned properly under 6.3.5. Is that the consensus here? I'm tempted to just set up a system with my unused license (I knew I'd have a use for that extra license someday!) running 6.3.5 just to preclear disks, as I've got the hardware around anyway. For those of you who also believe in doing a pre-deployment stress test, what alternative do other suggest for stress testing a disk instead of preclear? I'm certainly open to suggestions. Thanks. Kevin
  9. Thank you very much. That will simplify the process considerably. Kevin
  10. I have two unRAIDs at home, a main server and a backup server. When I pre-clear a disk, does it matter what version of unRAID I am running? For example, if I preclear under 6.4.0, will that still function correctly if I add the disk to a later version of unRAID? I'd hate to have to pre-clear a disk a second time when I update unRAID, but certainly will if necessary. Also, if preclear a disk in one machine (it's much easier to add and remove drives in the newer build) is they any reason that wouldn't work in the backup server? Thank you. Kevin
  11. Thank you for the pointer. Too bad, but understandable. Here's hoping someday. :-) Kevin
  12. I have been unable to find a clear answer to this in the FAQ, manual, or forums. I apologize if I have overlooked the answer somewhere. With the second parity disk, will unRAID now identify if the error is on the data disk or parity disk? I know that previously, for a variety of reasons, corrections were generally recommended be written to the parity rather than data disks as you couldn't be sure which had the error. Just curious. Kevin
  13. I was having this problem. When I turned on Advanced view, I had the option to Force Update, which I did. The updated completed successfully and Plex is now current. Thanks for the pointer to Advanced View. Kevin
  14. I have an issue where I get an Alert: UPS Alert Communications restored with UPS Tower This happens very few hours. I've tried replacing the USB cable, different ports on the computer, etc., and the problem persists. The UPS is a CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS 1500VA 900W PFC Compatible unit. I suspect it's a communication problem between the driver and the unit. It still works to shut down if I pull the plug, so I'm not too worried about it. The problem is that if I go a few weeks without logging in, I can have hundreds of these notices. No matter where I have them appear, they tend to obscure the rest of the interface, especially when I'm using a tablet. Is there a way to dismiss them all at once? Or keep them from overlaying the rest of the interface? I cannot seem to find a setting to do this, and suspect there isn't a way, but I wanted to ask to see if someone else knows of one. I'd prefer not to disable Alerts in the web interface altogether in the Notification Settings, but if there is a better way to review, manage, and clear them, I'd be glad to know it. Thanks for any replies. Kevin
  15. Yes, in both the main and backup unRAIDs.