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  1. UPDATE I may have found a fix for this issue. https://askubuntu.com/questions/176565/why-does-kworker-cpu-usage-get-so-high I followed the steps in the about link and my CPU usage went to 0-1% at idle as it should. Mine was gpe08. I'm going to add the fix to the 'GO' file. I'll report back if I see any other issues that come from this fix.
  2. Hi, I am seeing this issue too, and I've trying to pin down the issue. I've gone as far as disconnecting all drives, fresh reboot, array stopped, in 'No Plug-In Safe Mode' and the issue is still there. I'm on 6.8.3
  3. Yep, seeing this same issue too. Will just have to install it on one of my VMs.
  4. Hello, I am able to get NFS shares working with 'Public' and 'Secure', but when I try using 'Private' I can not connect to the share. The same settings on the server and client have worked in the past. I see that there is an area for a 'Rule' to be added for the private setting, but I'm note sure of the syntax that it is wanting. Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Build:6.0-beta8
  5. Where does that plugin keep its settings? Let's do this: Telnet to your server, and type this command: find / -name "*rssconf*" What does it output? Hi purko, Here's the output: /var/www/htdocs/rtorrent/plugins/rss/rssconf.php And when I add an rss feed they are being placed in: /var/www/htdocs/rtorrent/plugins/rss/cache
  6. Any idea why after a server reboot/power off all of my rss feeds and settings are deleted? The settings for untorrent are persistent but not for the rss plugin. Thanks.