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  1. Hi everyone, anybody of you have a working open core for Ventura , i tried to use the one i use for my hackintosh but is not working
  2. Hi, suddenly the app i sot working anymore , is not finding any more my server, how cam i solve
  3. Hi every one, i successful install the app on unraid but the audio is not working, how can i solve is there any other things i need to change once installed the container
  4. i did but i got the same error, the only way is to disable ssl
  5. Hi , why i am not able to access to the server if SSL certificate is on under Management Access
  6. hi everyone, any reason why last version of glances not working, i had to go back to the version :alpine-
  7. Hi, my glances installation no longer work , when i am going on web ui i get error. how can i solve i install the app few times with no results
  8. Hi, i follow you guide using the command "ethtool -s eth0 wol g" and all is working fine however i restart the server and the command has been cancelled the WOL was no longer working i have to retype the command again
  9. Hi, i purchased the app few month ago , since it was not working i decide to delete to try to install again but i no longer available on the IOS store , i use Italian Store. i still have installed on my ipad but when i am trying to connect said: unable to add server code 2301, unable to fetch
  10. Can you please indicate the link with all script
  11. Hello Everyone, thank you for helping with this great script. I need a script to copy in automatic all file from an external disk to a folder on unraid. The script need to mount the disk when detected synchronize all file from the mounted disk to a specific folder and then unmount the disk. If same file on the external disk have been deleted , delete as well the one on unraid . I was using till now next cloud but to do that i need to switch on another computer and i would like to avoid it Thank you for your support
  12. Solved thank you , i use the function in system device
  13. hi, i add the entry in the Custom options however unraid is still not accessible, how can i solve?
  14. Hi every one , I need to pass through my intel card for a VM Pfsense installation but i am not able to see in the vm installation. i insert the following but after restart nothing is happening , the intel card is visible in the System Devices this is configuration for the flash drive were i added: vfio-pci.ids=8086:10c9 this is the VM after reboot
  15. in grafana i am able to get all the info from unraid with node exporter , in prometheus is running after few second i get this