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  1. Whenever I try to pull up the Logs it just sits and sits and sits. Thank you.
  2. shfs is not accurately displaying hard link information When accessing a hardlink file through shfs it is showing up twice in ls/du/etc. root@Tower:/mnt/user/Test# du -h 5.3G ./Dir1 5.3G ./Dir2 11G . root@Tower:/mnt/user/Test# ls -i Dir1/File1 142 Dir1/File1 root@Tower:/mnt/user/Test# ls -i Dir2/Hardlink 562 Dir2/Hardlink But if you go to the disk itself... root@Tower:/mnt/disk1/Test# ls -i Dir1/File1 102 Dir1/File1 root@Tower:/mnt/disk1/Test# ls -i Dir2/Hardlink 102 Dir2/Hardlink However df -h reports the disk space usage correctly. Thank you!
  3. By default transmission does not have a username/password set. So it is whatever you configured it as.
  4. I wish SickRage would stop screwing with their github. I have updated the Docker. Let me know if it works.
  5. They changed the update URLs on me. I will release an update today.
  6. You cannot update software after Docker is already running. Well technically you can, but it is against all standards and practices. To get the latest updates click on the update button in the DockerMan part of the unRAID UI.
  7. Hey man, there is an error in your maraschino docker when utilizing it with PLEX=1 or NZBDRONE=1... E: Unable to locate package git /etc/my_init.d/ line 9: git: command not found In the shell scripts or in the Dockerfile you need an apt-get update before the apt-get install. Hope this helps!
  8. The defaults are right. It should work. To verify you are going to http://unraid-name:8081/ correct? Replace unraid-name with the IP Address or name of your unRAID box. If that doesn't work you have larger networking issues that are outside my scope.
  9. I'll work on it. I updated sab to the latest version this morning.
  10. Im on the same as you and it doesn't work. But it did work before the update to Plex Server v0.9.11.4. Apparently there is a plexWatch Version v0.3.2 which fixes this issue. Sorry for the late replies. lives outside the docker. You need to downloaded the latest from the author's site and put it in /mnt/cache/appdata/plexWatch/
  11. If you live an area where TigerDirect charges sale tax it is not such a great deal, unfortunately.
  12. Unfortunately I missed this one. Was going to head out today but the sale has ended. Been running for awhile too.
  13. Ah, I have not setup Plex in that configuration before. I would not know where to begin to help you.
  14. Why are you using /mnt/disk1,etc. instead of setting up a TV or Movie share and using /mnt/user/TV or /mnt/user/Movies ?
  15. I'm not a torrent user at all. I didn't find the PPA until this morning.
  16. That Docker uses the version in the Ubuntu repo which is currently 1.3.6. I see there is a ppa for Deluge I will look into adding that with EDGE. Thank you.
  17. Mainly lack of time. I run a fairly large event the last weekend of September and that has taken all my time and focus. I have it on my to do list to take a look at phusion 0.9.13 in October.
  18. The best thing you can do to protect yourselves right now is this: DO NOT WRITE ANY DATA TO A REISERFS DISK IN THE ARRAY XFS and BTRFS filesystems remain unaffected by this issue. I am doing this by disabling mover for the time being.
  19. Ouch! This is the risk with running betas! We knew the job was dangerous when we took it! Considering this is my second round of betas with LimeTech (6 and 5) and this is the first "possible" data corruption issue that has occurred I still consider this pretty good. Unfortunately I have been running 6b7 and 6b8 for so long and recently replaced my parity drive so if my data is corrupted then it is. Ill wait patiently for b9.
  20. Plex by default runs as a non-privileged user on every Linux platform. I did not want to make the Docker "special" and harder to support. Plus the vast majority of people already had their databases set as unraid-plex:unraid-plex as they converted over to Docker and I wanted the transition to be as seamless as possible.
  21. I am not sure, it is using the default Ubuntu .debs. So whatever is included there.
  22. I updated deluge with a variety of extraction utilities.
  23. (plex) Upgrade to latest version. (deluge) Add extraction files per request.
  24. I do not, but I can. I was not aware that deluge had this functionality.