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  1. I have this same issue. I'm getting speeds as slow as 3 megabytes a second when moving files from one folder to another on the same disk. I love the Unraid operating system but the abysmal performance has me wishing I had the money to do a ZFS array on TrueNAS.
  2. Yes you're correct, but I'm trying to accomplish that without the use of Sonarr or Radarr. After more thought and research, I believe I can do it by using Dirsync Pro, which someone thankfully added to the apps. Basically once qBittorrent moves a finished download to the completed folder, Dirsync Pro would send a copy of the file to a folder on the array. Once the rest of my hardware arrives and I can set this up fully I'll reply to this thread on how it worked.
  3. I'm currently setting up Unraid for my first time. I would look to use Tdarr on my existing media library. I am going to use Qbitorrent for torrents. I do not use Sonarr nor Radarr and do not plan to. My ideal scenario would be: qBittorrent downloads file onto cache drive share--->File download completes and a copy is automatically sent to a share on the hard drive array while the original remains on the share on the cache drive for qBitorrent to continue seeding--->Tdarr transcodes the copy on the hard drive array--->Seeding on qBittorrent reaches a 2.0 ratio and then deletes the torrent and the file off the cache drive. My understanding is that there is no way to do this. From my reading, Sonarr can be set to create hard links and when Tdarr goes to transcode the hard linked file it breaks the link but both files are kept. Is there a way to accomplish this in an automated fashion without Sonarr? Thanks.