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  1. Thanks... I did a hard shut down, and restarted. i waited for it to complete a parity check and then I tried the "New Permissions" start button again. It seems it did not lock up this time and I can browse all the pages of the GUI. Is there anything in the Syslog that will indicate that Unraid completed the permission changes to all the files? How do you know it is done? Does the "start" button under the "New Permissions" get grayed out, or does it change to "completed" Thanks for any help on this. Still not sure that the Permissions were reset. I tried again, and it locked up again. Any suggestons?
  2. Thanks... I did a hard shut down, and restarted. i waited for it to complete a parity check and then I tried the "New Permissions" start button again. It seems it did not lock up this time and I can browse all the pages of the GUI. Is there anything in the Syslog that will indicate that Unraid completed the permission changes to all the files? How do you know it is done? Does the "start" button under the "New Permissions" get grayed out, or does it change to "completed" Thanks for any help on this.
  3. Do you think that 96 hours (4 days) for 660 gigs of data is long enough (I do not know how many files). I still cannot gain access to the GUI, ping the tower, or gain access via the towers monitor. It has 6 drives including the cache drive (1tb Parity drive 1, 1tb drive 2, 1tb drive 3, 750gb drive 4 500gb drive 5, and 500gb cache drive 6), but only two drives (drive 2 and 3) currently have data which totals out to 660gb. If I still need to wait, how much more time should I give it? Thanks for any help on this.
  4. I just installed 5.0-beta2 (4.5 to 5.0-beta2) and I expected to see my shares gone from the UNRAID GUI, but they were still there. (I thought I had to add them back... maybe I did not understand.. do I have to add them back meaning re add mapped network drives? I removed the network drives from vista and then tried to add them back, but it would not let me, so I looked around in the new GUI and saw there was a one time execute for permissions that I needed to do, and it said it would take some time if you had a lot of files. Once I executed the permissions option, the server seemed to go unresponsive. I cannot ping it, I can't get to the GUI, and I can't do anything at the monitor/screen at the tower. It seems to be locked up, and the last thing on the screen says "trace ends...followed by some type of number/code. I do have a lot of files, but I am not sure how long to wait before I just reboot. Is this to be expected when doing the one time permissions for 4.5 to 5.0 beta2 upgrades? (attached is my syslog just prior to hitting the permissions button) I installed a new motherboard which is the ASRock P43DE (which is not on the compatibility list, but currently seems to be booting and work... except for this current issue) ... not sure if this may the culprit. Please note I think the log will show that Twonky Media Server is not loading (I need to take this out of my go script... I am not using it) Thanks for any help. syslog_10-28-2010-859am.txt
  5. You may be able to use the SIL3132 PCI-Express Card That would get me what I need for sure.
  6. I like that this board you are suggesting (Foxconn P41A-G ) has so many PCI slots and it has On Board Video. I wish it had a least one more SATA. I did not see this on the Compatibility list, but see by the link you provided that it is being used successfully for unraid. I like the price of the boards you guys are showing me also. I also like that (as bcbgboy13 pointed out) I can actually purchase one new and not have to purchase a used and abused P5B-VM DO
  7. One of the boards you gave a link to was for a ASUS P5QL-VM DO/CSM have you used this board with Unraid? Does it have HPA? The other board you mentioned is the ASRock P43DE. Have you used this with Unraid? I did not see either of these on the wiki compatibility list, so i did not look at them at all, but if people are using them successfully maybe I should have a look at them.
  8. Thanks for your reply. If I did not already have memory and a cpu, I would go a different direction but I have to get something that is compatible with my current parts, so I think I will go with the Asus P5B-VM DO. Thanks again.
  9. My Abit AB9 Pro died and I am looking to replace it with a Super Micro C2SEE I have OCZ2P800R22GK PC2 6400 DDR2 Ram that I am pulling from the bad MB and I want to reuse this memory and not have to by differnet memory. I am not sure if this memory will work in the C2SEE, does anyone know? If not, what is a good second option on a board? I need a cheep board for now. I do have a ATI Rage 8MB PCI Video Card (and would use it only if I did not have video onboard the new MB) I need ATX and Intel LGA 775 (so I can reuse the CPU I currently have 6 SATA hard drives I think my next choice will be a Asus P5B-E MB Thanks for any suggestions.
  10. Albin, Good to know your file copy worked. Hopefully, Tom will add NTFS filesystem support back in soon. However... Your parity is now out of date. (almost worse than not having it at all) You must now re-calculate party on the unRaid server. You did your file copy when it was not looking (booted up on the other CD), so the current Parity contents do not know of any of your new files. Please, force a parity check now... sooner even, as your existing, out of date parity data would clobber/manngle the contents of any drive you attempt to recover using it. Expect the parity check to find many errors. In this case they are expected, and will be because the current parity calcs were done on the original contents of your target drives. (before you copied the ntfs data to on the unRaid disks) Once the parity check has run to completion, you will be protected again. Joe L. Joe, Thanks for filling me in on the need for a Parity Check. I am going to copy over several gigs to the UnRaid drive via Slax and then I will be sure to force a Parity Check. Albin
  11. Orb, I downloaded Slax and burned the iso to a cd. I then tried to boot to the iso but got the "blank Screen" issue that seems to be related to my on-board video card. Instead of waisting to much time on that I managed to try Slax in a different tower (different MB and different video card) and it booted fine (I booted using the StartX command). After booting I mountedthe unraid formated drive and a ntfs drive and then copied a few files from the ntfs to the unraid drive. (if anyone needs pointers on mounting drives in the slax gui, just let me know. I am sure I am not the anyone struggling as a newbie with this kind of stuff) I then powered down and placed the unraid drive back in the unraid tower and powered up unraid. I then browsed to the mapped network unraid drive and the files that I copied over from the ntfs drive to the unraid drive (with the use of slax and ) were present. (I downloaded SLAX Standard Edition v So I had success with your proposed method. Thanks so much for the tip. I also noticed that when playing around with Slax I will be able to learn many of the copy, move, and other commands that will most likely be helpful with UnRaid. Again thanks for the tip, and now I can move (consolidate) all my files off of several ntfs drives and on to my UnRaid drives at incredible speeds, and without the use the network or an xp machine. By the way, All I did with the UnRaid machine, was to power down, pull the hard drive (not the parity drive) that I was going mount in Slax, then when I was done with the moving/copying of files from the ntfs drive to the unraid drive and had powered down slax, I then pulled the UnRaid drive from the machine that I used for booting to Slax and placed it back in the unraid machine and booted up Unraid and the files showed up. I guess I could perform a parity check, but unraid says parity is valid (I am still learning about when to check parity, so an comments on this would be great, and if anyone see issues with what I did above please comment). One other note. The above process maybe a lot easier for others if they can use their current unraid machine to boot to slax. I would of done it this way, but I would be sure to disconnect all drives except for the drive you want to move data to, and connect the ntfs drive. If you want to have parity when moving files, then any of the above methods mentioned will not be helpful. I know this is a long post, but I figured it may help others. Albin
  12. Orb, This looks like a great option for moving files from NTFS to an UnRaid system. I downloaded "Live CD" and then booted using the iso. I had an NTFS drive and an unraid drive hooked up. I was able to mount both, but I could not copy data from the NTFS drive to the Unraid drive. I made sure to turn on read/write permissions, but that still did not allow for files to be created, or copied to the unraid drive. I am sure it is a setting in Live CD that I am missing. Are there any tips that you can give? Albin
  13. I will definitely be using this trick.
  14. I was pretty sure that NTFS used to be in there as a "read-only" filesystem driver, but I just looked at my current 4.0 final server. It's not in there... Tom, is my memory failing me? Joe L. Joe, Is there an earlier version that you know has the ntfs file system. I wanted to use your proposed method for moving data to an unraid drive. I have an extra tower where I can use my additional unraid os to move the files and then move the file between two unraid systems (one unraid would have the current build, and the other would have the build you suggest that has the ntfs drive support) Thanks Unraid
  15. That is what I am finding out. It looks like for every drive I add or remove, I have to go and set the thumb drive back to the first boot device. I have not seen where I can manually over ride it and stop looking for new boot devices. I am sure it is there and I will look a little more.
  16. I did check the boot priority, but I will go and look at this closer...... When I disconnected the drives and restored to the default setup on the mother board, the thumb drive was showing as the first boot device (and it boots fine in this scenario), but when I hook up the drives and go into the bios setup I cannot find the thumb drive as an option to make it the first boot device. Here are the options for "First Boot Device" with the (unformated drive/s) connected "1st FLOPPY DRIVE", Hard Drive, "ATAPI CD-ROM", and "Disabled" (notice that I did not mention a thumb drive) Here are the options for "First Boot Device" with the (unformated drive/s) disconnected "1st FLOPPY DRIVE", "Lexar JD Lightning" , "ATAPI CD-ROM", and "Disabled" It appears that I do not need to restore to the default Bios, but all I have to do is disconnect the hard drives and the Mother board then adds the thumb drive to the available items to set boot priority to. Well I figured it out. I had to go to a separate menu called "Hard Drives" and move the thumb drive to the top of the list, then go to the boot priority list which this time the thumb drive now shows up as a sectable option and boots fine. Thanks.
  17. I am having similar issue. I just purchased unraid and I am using the P5LD2-VM Mother Board. Once everything was together (without the hard drives) it started right up. Once I hooked two brand new drives to SATA 1 and SATA 2 on the Mother board, then I got the meassage stating, "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device." Once I received this message I quickly discovered that if I remvoe the newly introduced drives, and reset the bios for the Mother board to default settings and then booted up UnRaid it works fine (not a bad thumbdrive for me). What do I need to do to have the drives hooked up and be able to boot up. Thanks for any help.
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    Thanks for your input. I decided I would go with TheMaster's pick: Intel Pentium D 820 Dual Core 2.8GHz, 800MHz FSB 1GB Dual Channel Corsair XMS2 PC5400 DDR2 675 SDRAM I am sure I will get good results.
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    I have been collecting parts for an Unraid system. I have purchased the MB (P5LD2-VM). I am struggling with what processor to purchase. I was looking at TheMAster's specs, but was wondering what just a little more money spent on the CPU may do for my UnRaid system. Seems like the target is 2 GHz or higher. What about the Front Side Bus Speed? Would there be a drastic difference between 800 and 1066 MHz? I am looking to get the most bang for around the $150.00 range. Thanks for any input. I am willing to spend the same amount on Memory also.