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  1. Oh, damn... I'm even more late. I love unRAID, even before it was all capital letters. I quit using it for media storage, because... streaming. Had a tuner card and all the drives and stuff. I had a friend, to whom I had recommended UNRAID, ask me what was up with the tuner cards, and just mentioned that the DVB plugin wasn't being developed anymore. I had bought a NAS, and was just using it to back up computers in the house. My job isn't IT... and making it a hobby was ... stressful. Recently, I think, oh, I'll just build a NAS with my UNRAID license and ... oh ... I see what "not being developed more" means. I didn't have a solution for my friend on tuners. Personally, I ended up trading for a two-bay Synology and using a network tuner... and by "use" I mean it sits around and does nothing, because ... my job isn't IT ... and making it a hobby was ... okay, you get it. I think there's this gap between "regular" people who just want a box, and a community of members / developers / enthusiasts that have to agree on how things work. A lot of my friends will simply pay for a box full of drives that does VMs and stores media. This drama is too much for them. Not because personal interaction is hard (it is very hard) but because they're willing to exchange money for ease. Community contributors don't even ask for money, they just want recognition. It's not a requirement, and sometimes money isn't a good solution for exchange of ideas or products. Some of us just take things. Like I was *taking* all that media. I figured it was just easier to pay for someone else to manage my storage solution. --- I'm thinking that leaving this "broken toy" on the floor, and apologizing is like... step 1. Step 3 is "profit" (as they say). So, step 2 is to roll that stuff [back?] into the product, and compensate the contributor. That might be recognition or money. Beats me, but "y'all gotta get it together"... I'm screaming in the back seat because my Uncle and my Dad can't get along and we aren't there yet... I want my UNRAID box to work, not watch the Maury show where parents argue about genetic contribution to a child -- and Maury actually earns money from all the drama. --- I ain't mad at Maury, but someone needs to take care of that kid. I think Maury pays the participants on the show. So, you know what to do. Am I saying that Synology is like Maury Povich? If so, the rest of us are not winning.
  2. Love unRAID, love Deluge. Thank You for the plugin. I did have a questions though -- here's some background, hopefully irrelevant: - I finally got around to modifying the plugin so that the web daemon automatically connected. - I migrated my drives to a smaller box, to use the case that I was - I moved everything off my cache drive and just put it on /mnt/disk1/.deluged (and .plexmediaserver) and removed the cache drive to use it in another computer. So, I'm looking at my console during bootup, and notice: chmod: cannot operate on dangling symlink '/etc/rc.d/rc.deluged' This post tells me that just means that the symlink is pointing to one from the plugin, which makes sense. The plugin contains a copy of the startup script to start deluge. So, I check it out: root@mediaserver:~# ls -l /etc/rc.d/rc.deluged lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 52 Sep 13 07:26 /etc/rc.d/rc.deluged -> /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/deluged/scripts/rc.deluged The symbolic link goes to the plugin directory, but then I look in the plugin directory: root@mediaserver:~# ls /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/deluged/scripts/ start* stop* The problem is that the plugin doesn't have a file in it called rc.deluged . I don't know if I've messed it up or not, maybe a new version of deluge, or a new version of the plugin uses "start" and "stop" rather than the traditional script. Beats me... I'm guessing it's unclean, but doesn't affect things. I'd like to fix it or get it fixed though. Help?