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  1. Hello everybody, my tower is not going to sleep. It is 3:52 p.m. right here and this is my system log My disks are spun down but the tower is not going to sleep automaticaly, My sleep settings are set to "Extra delay after array inactivity: 10", can you guys help me find out what the problem is, this isn't the first time that this happens to me. These are my settings: And is down, I double checked.
  2. Yeah, but I'm wondering about the command line level, because it doesn't seem to hard to write a script that ssh's into the server and fetches the hash and presents it to you on windows.
  3. Oww that's a bummer, but it's a windows problem I guess. How can you view the hash from the linux console?
  4. The plugin looks great, will I be able to see the checksums that are created in the samba shares on my windows computer. I've read that the checksums are being stored in the metadata of the files, can I view it somehow?
  5. Also tried with firefox and it isn't working either.
  6. Hello guys, I think pushbullet notifications broke on unraid 6.1.8: Moderator edit: changed icon
  7. Hmmm, I think the people where it is working, they didn't set it up unde 6.1.8, I think 6.1.8 broke something...
  8. Lol look at my thread just below yours, it isn't working either for me... I did a clean unraid 6 install, I've no idea what's going on...
  9. I just retried adding the pushbullet agent and it still doesn't work (again an empty .sh file...), here is my diagnostics file: Somebody with the same problem:
  10. With diagnostics you mean system log on the top on the right?
  11. I get the emails, but the pushbullet notifications aren't working. And everywhere where I checked email notification, I also checked the agents...
  12. But I don't get notifications, so I don't think it is working fine? Should I restart the server?
  13. Hello everybody, I'm trying to set up pushbullet config notification agent. I created a pushbullet account and got my token and pasted it in the token field in unraid. After that I hit apply with the agent function on 'enabled'. On the bottom on the right I see the line "saving /boot/config/plugins/dynamix/notifications/agents/". But when I check my USB key on the path "/config/plugins/dynamix/notifications/agents/", I find an empty file , what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance