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  1. The stability and the community are my favorite things. Multiple arrays in the same box and ssd support would be the things I would like to see added first.
  2. Doing a proper shut down sequence from the GUI will close things down the way they need to be. You can do that and power the server back on weeks (or longer) later and have no issues.
  3. Update: I think the download that was trying to happen was around updating a plugin. I moved the box back to the working network location, it booted fine. Shut it down, moved it back downstairs and it booted fine there too and gave me an IP. I am having trouble connecting to the box from anything other than the router it is plugged into, but I think that's a network issue and not related to the initial problem. Thanks everybody for the help.
  4. Oh. I assumed that transfer information was for something coming from the flash drive, not something that was coming through the network. I'll double check that side of things and report back. Thank you very much.
  5. In both locations the only things connected to the box were a monitor (same each time) and the power and network cables. I didn't boot it more than once upstairs, after it worked. My guess was the usb since it worked once, but wasn't consistent. Is there something I can do to test the usb? Thanks.
  6. I recently moved, so my unraid server has been off for a few weeks. After getting it in the new location and turning it on, I noticed that it wasn't picking up an IP address. Moving it upstairs to a monitor and booting showed an IP on the screen and I was able to connect. I moved it back to the basement and hooked up a monitor to see the screen shot attached. I tried the usb stick in several different ports (including the one that worked when everything was upstairs) and got errors at the same point each time. Any ideas on what is causing this? Anything else I can try? Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. This should be no problem as far as I know. The stress in the process is on the drive, so the rest of the system should be fine to handle this.
  8. That makes sense. Thanks for clearing it up for me.
  9. Can you elaborate on this or point me to more detail? I've seen a lot about plex dockers and hosting media for streaming to other boxes to play on TV's, but I don't remember anything about playing movies/etc directly from unraid to a TV. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes, just a screen shot of the main tab in the web UI before you make any changes. I used "working config" to mean a known good state of everything, sorry for the confusion. Also, the parity check before and after as mentioned by @jonathanm is critical.
  11. Yep, those are the basic steps. I would also recommend saving a screen shot of your working config before you make any changes and probably backing up your flash drive (always a good idea) before doing anything, just in case. Have you precleared the new drive? This isn't needed from a formatting standpoint, since it will be the parity drive, but it's a good stress test on a new drive. Also, you are right about #6, when you restart things, unraid will need to rebuild parity onto the new drive.
  12. Changing the settings for a share to exclude a drive will not automatically move those files from that drive. I would recommend the unbalance plugin for making the move, but there are other options (including doing it manually) that will get it done as well.
  13. Try testing the files drive by drive and see if there is a pattern to which ones work and which ones don't.
  14. Sounds like it could be an issue with specific drive(s). Are you using shares that are spread across all your drives?
  15. First off, I know nothing about drive quality, so the question of which drives are good... I got nothing. Your overall plan makes sense to me, replace the 2 parity drives first, since they need to be the biggest. After that I would go for the "rebuild drive" option instead of the "moving data" option. This allows you to drop a smaller drive back in, should a rebuild fail, and not lose data, as well as being the quickest option (that I know of). Hopefully this helps.