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  1. Thanks! Looks all fixed now.
  2. I am having some troubles upgrading to the latest beta rclone. Anyone else? ##### Note that closing this window will abort the execution of this script ##### Updating rclone Archive: /boot/config/plugins/rclone/install/rclone.zip inflating: /boot/config/plugins/rclone/install/rclone ------------------------------------------------------------------- Update failed - Please try again -------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. He’s trying to use this one I assume and should ask for support there: https://github.com/riftbit/docker-serviio
  4. Why don’t you open an issue on the docker GitHub? You want get much help here I imagine.
  5. 100% on this - no real reason this should even exist (so thankful it does) but I am very surprised Limetech isn't looking to pick this up natively. There is a great use case for Unraid to me
  6. need to do more analysis but seems like I am having drive spindown issues with rc5 (as in not spinning down after XX minutes ) - anyone else? Will look into it more but something doesn't seem quite right
  7. you got me - I didn't even notice the nice - multitask failing - thanks!
  8. 4 cores 8 threads - Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1280 V2 @ 3.60GHz
  9. had some other stuff running so it's not perfect but you can see mprime using 400% CPU and top reporting it wrong in the totals.
  10. I am noticing that the dashboard is correct and top is wrong. Example. I am running mprime which is maxing out my machine and the dashboard is correct. Top shows CPU usage at <3% busy.
  11. I have confirmed my two parity disks and one of my other disks will not spin down unless done manually. It says it does it from the log but the disks are always spinning which won't let the machine shutoff during the schedule. I just see this over and over May 2 17:31:59 MJMS kernel: mdcmd (61): spindown 0 May 2 17:32:00 MJMS kernel: mdcmd (62): spindown 8 May 2 17:32:00 MJMS kernel: mdcmd (63): spindown 29 This was working fine on all versions before 6.5.1 mjms-diagnostics-20180502-1733.zip
  12. On 6.5.1 my drives don’t appear to be spinning g down like they did before so now server won’t shutdown automatically as it should. Seems there is is always a few drives stuck spinning. Will have to dig in more later