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  1. Hello I have i7-6700k and some ddr4 memory in my possession so I figured id upgrade my server. Im looking for a full atx size board and if anyone has confirmation of a board that will accept more than 12 hdd/ssd my board will not accept more than 12 currently even with the SAS cards. Not trying to break the bank but will consider all recommendations. Thanks *Just remembered I have a i7-6850k which is 2011 socket. Same questions apply. thanks again
  2. I compared the settings from my test to my old ones. under smb security settings export was set to no for some reason that's not anything I would have changed but I put it to yes and it shows up now!
  3. I just created a new share and it shows up but my old ones don't. what does that mean?
  4. I hope this isn't a topic already ive tried searching and have done several things to attempt to fix this of which I forgot what ive done this has been an issue for about 6 months but I have not attempted to fix again for several months... I can see all my disks and access my files through file explorer but I cannot access any shares. Im sure its something silly I have over looked or have not tried yet since I can access everything else.... Some back original desktop that everything had been working fine for many years is currently out of commission. I was using a mac for a while now I have a new windows 10 laptop and this is what im having difficulty with thanks
  5. ok sounds good thanks for the info. i tried previous apps but something I did or something happened and it was empty? anyways its working now thanks again
  6. i believe everything is all good now. thanks for everyones help! 🤘
  7. that's weird i went through the steps of doing the diagnostics again...? ill post again. ok ill check it out. i thought it was just going to pick right up where it left off once i got past the first part. thanks again!
  8. ok sorry 😓
  9. so that mostly worked..plex is there. my movies are there but missing thumbnail and they don't play. i rescanned library. rescanned metadata still nothing...probably need a new thread but maybe someone has easy answer. thanks
  10. i found a docker.img on another disk transferring to cache currently going to take like 6 hours is that normal? its already on the server wonder why its going to take so long....anyways im transferring to the location that server is looking for. im an hour into the transfer is this a waste of time? my thought was since it wouldn't let me recreate it i was going to put it there since i found it elsewhere and then was going to try and either enable or see if it would delete and recreate it....again i just need to know if this is a waste of time and i should just do what youre telling me to do? *Ok i decided to just do what you said because i was annoyed that the transfer would take that long and it was just a lame theory of mine....theres nothing in previous apps but if this works that doesn't bother me ill just setup plex again...🤞🤞
  11. im going through the link you provided and i tried something but it didn't work and im not seeing what would be there to help me? i can't figure out how to recreate the docker image. is there a way to remove everything docker related and start fresh?
  12. probably not. ill try to go through it. hard to find the time with my life but i need to get this working. thanks again!
  13. OK i updated that but i still get But when i click the delete now option it says something about the directory doesn't exist
  14. Screen Recording 2019-03-08 at 8.02.41 i couldnt figure out how to screenshot everything without 9 shots so i recorded it. does this help? Aside from getting my dockers/plex working again i want everything set up properly so if i have to move folders/files from the flash drive ill be willing to do so. I don't want to go through this again so ill find the docker to backup app data and ill get another ssd to run with cache