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  1. Can I suggest adding this to the plugin please. sed -i 's/@media (min-width:1921px){#template{min-width:1260px;margin:0 auto}}//g' /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/styles/*.css By removing this media query it keeps a 10px margin which prevents boxes going to the edge of the screen, resulting in the UI looking more like stock.
  2. Posting this for anyone else who wants all temps showing using Dynamix System Temperature on their N54L (also works for N40L). I found the majority of this information here Since Kernel 4.5 (Unraid is now on 4.19 at the time of writing) there has been an patch applied to the kernel to allow for all temps and fan speed to be shown. I have done this by adding the below lines to my go file # Fix to show all temps and fan speeds cp /boot/config/sensors.conf /etc/sensors.d modprobe -a i2c_piix4 jc42 w83795 k10temp and inside /boot/config/sensors.conf i have the below. bus "i2c-0" "SMBus PIIX4 adapter port 0 at 0b00" bus "i2c-1" "SMBus PIIX4 adapter port 2 at 0b00" # CPU: AMD Turion II Neo N36L,N40L,N54L # Limits are hardwired and cannot be changed. chip "k10temp-pci-00c3" label temp1 "CPU Core Temp" # RAM Slot1 chip "jc42-i2c-0-18" label temp1 "RAM1 Temp" set temp1_max 60 set temp1_crit 70 set temp1_crit_hyst 65 # RAM Slot2 chip "jc42-i2c-0-19" label temp1 "RAM2 Temp" set temp1_max 60 set temp1_crit 70 set temp1_crit_hyst 65 # Hardware Monitor: Nuvoton W83795ADG # +3.3V (in12) and 3VSB (in13) are hardwired. chip "w83795adg-*" label fan1 "Array Fan" label temp1 "CPU Temp" label temp2 "NB Temp" label temp5 "MB Temp" label in0 "Vcore" label in1 "Vdimm" ignore in2 # unclear (VSEN2 in BIOS) ignore in3 # unclear (not shown in BIOS) # Unknown Vcore for embedded AMD Turion II Neo processor. # Measured values from 0.720 to 1.194 on N54L. set in0_min 0.5 set in0_max 1.4 # DDR3 limits from JEDEC Standard No. 79-3F: 1.5 V +- 0.075 V, 1.8 V crit. set in1_min 1.5 - 0.075 set in1_max 1.5 + 0.075 ignore intrusion0 A few notes, the MB Temp is actually Ambient Temp. NB being North Bridge. P.s. My N54L is still going strong, 6 3.5" HDDs and 1 2.5" SSD!
  3. Its also been released on sourceforge unlike beta2, so not sure why we aren't being prompted to update.
  4. I have used adblock to remove this instead of doing it manually, at least until its fixed
  5. That option doesn't appear to be in Sabnzbd 7.20 neither in the settings nor sabnzbd.ini. Hi Riot, your right! Its a 0.8 feature Its working pretty well if you want to upgrade to it by selecting beta yes in the plugin screen.
  6. I got around the cert issue on Sab 0.8 (will work for 0.7 too) by disabling enable_https_verification (setting to 0) in the sabnzbd.ini or via your GUI (Settings, Special) if your using Glitter theme. Need to restart after changing this.
  7. Sab is giving me an error "URL Fetching failed; Server uses an untrusted HTTPS certificate" Issue is occurring on nzb download, the domain has a vaild trusted cert. Tried to disable enable_https_verification, will advise if this helps.
  8. URL for beta versions of Sabnzbd is
  9. I also tried to upgrade Sabnzbd to 0.8.0Beta1 but changing the option doesn't make a difference, using v3 on 5.0.5.
  10. FYI DobyTang on GitHub has been making some major improvements to LazyLibrarian, see below repo.
  11. Just read this and found it interesting and slightly worrying as I just bought a 3TB Seagate drive!
  12. On another side note, has anybody implemented the so called fix for the N54L? Adding the below to the go script. echo 50 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemand/up_threshold & logger Go Script - ondemand up_threshold set to 50 echo 50 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemand/sampling_down_factor & logger Go Script - ondemand sampling_down_factor set to 50
  13. Right, didn't want to delay the release further since this will involve a lot of extra testing. Understood, happy to help with testing when you get around to implementing ipv6,