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  1. Not claiming to have it setup properly (I think docker still puts something on the unraid array due to btrfs vDisk setting) - but here's my setup.  Both dockers & docker.img are on a zfs dataset & running fine with snapshots.  
    Our setups look very similar, so the only thing I remember having to fix when I initially moved it was to delete the docker.img & let it rebuild itself - got the fix here.

    The problem is with using a newer version of zfs than 2.0.0. I tried saving the img file on ZFS (2.0.4) and both btrfs and xfs locked up the system. Something to do with the loopback mount. Too bad I could not use the folder mapping and I always got an error that Docker service could not be started.

    I moved the docker.img to my cache drive and I don’t care too much since it’s disposable. I think I will make latest zfs the default for the next upgrade to unRaid and add a disclaimer that you cannot save the docker.img on ZFS if the problem will still be present.

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  2. On 3/26/2021 at 7:18 AM, glennv said:

    Why havent you moved yet to hosting docker in a folder on zfs instead of hosting a docker image on top of zfs ?
    I moved to it last week and works fine and dont have to worrie about a docker.img file anymore.
    Its also more transparent as you can just browse the content of all images etc etc.

    I was trying this on my server, but the Docker service would not start when I pointed the Docker data-root to a folder on ZFS. Worked fine using folders on Btrfs/Xfs formatted drives.

  3. Builds for 6.9.2 have been added (2.0.0 and 2.0.4 if you have enabled "unstable" builds) 


    Thanks to @ich777 the process is now automated! When a new unRAID version is released ZFS is built and uploaded automatically. Thanks a lot to @ich777 for this awesome addition!

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  4. Hello there !
    i use ZFS on Unraid  (on my Backupserver) for a long time.
    As this is "just" a Backup it is not powered on all the time, so the tools provided by Steini84 ( Thank you Steini !)
    for snapshots etc. are super easy and nice but not what suits my goal ...
    So i came across this very promising scripts:
    both can by found here : gbyte Blog
    i tries to use them via "User Scripts" but failed ...
    I am praying that some can help me to get this super nice and convenient scripts working in my Unraid Boxes
    As i am just a "user" not a script guy
    -- hopefully posted in the right place 
    regards from Osnabrück / Germany

    Check this out. I love it for snapshots and replication
  5. 3 hours ago, fxhe said:

    Does the plugin not be supported by 6.8.1 UNRAID?



    There are packages going back to 6.1.2 so 6.8.1  is definitely supported. Are you maybe on an old beta or RC? 

    In any case I would just update to 6.9 :) just for fun I installed 6.8.1 and it worked 



  6. 47 minutes ago, OneMeanRabbit said:

    Read through this topic many times, and THANK you for your amazing work!  QQ - how did you deploy this?  Docker?

    Awesome, great to hear


    Here are the relevant parts from the docker setup, but take note that I have not updated to check_mk 2.0 - a good weekend project for me :)

    --ulimit nofile=1024 --tmpfs /opt/omd/sites/cmk/tmp:uid=1000,gid=1000


    Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 17.36.32.png

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  7. 34 minutes ago, Arragon said:

    Still running into the same problem with Docker.  How can I go back to 2.0.0?

    Did you try the new bind-mount to a directory that was added? In any case I moved 2.0.3 to unstable and added a 2.0.0. build instead (thanks ich777)


    You can move to 2.0.0. by deleting the 2.0.3 package and reboot:

    rm /boot/config/plugins/unRAID6-ZFS/packages/*


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  8. Added ZFS v2.0.0 build for 6.9.0 stable (2.0.3 in the unstable folder)

    Added ZFS v2.0.3 build for 6.9.0 stable

    This hopefully fixes the problems with docker.img and zfs 2.0.1+ :

    ".. we added the ability to bind-mount a directory instead of using a loopback. If file name does not end with .img then code assumes this is the name of directory (presumably on a share) which is bind-mounted onto /var/lib/docker. For example, if /mnt/user/system/docker/docker then we first create, if necessary the directory /mnt/user/system/docker/docker. If this path is on a user share we then "de-reference" the path to get the disk path which is then bind-mounted onto /var/lib/docker. For example, if /mnt/user/system/docker/docker is on "disk1", then we would bind-mount /mnt/disk1/system/docker/docker. "

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  9. ZFS v2.0.3 built for Unraid 6.9.0-rc2 (Kernel v5.10.1)

    It is in the main folder so be adviced if there are still problems with having docker.img on zfs: 

    On 2/2/2021 at 10:50 AM, Joly0 said:

    look for the storage path of the docker.img and the suggestion to put that on another array other then the zfs one.


  10. I have uploaded a zfs 2.0.2 build for 6.9.0-rc2 but since there have been some reports of errors with the 2.0.1 builds I put it in the unstable folder. 

    @Marshalleq maybe you can let us know if the problem has been fixed in 2.0.2?

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  11. Yeah this should do the trick: 

    znapzend --debug --logto=/var/log/znapzend.log --daemonize


    I also want to let you know that I was using znapsend and ran in to some problems, for example after changing datasets. I moved over to Sanoid/Syncoid and have not had a single problem since. 


    Not saying that one solution is better than the other, but that was my experience and I would reccomend that you check it out :)

  12. I have moved the 2.0.1 builds to the unstable folder for now. 


    #Enable unstable builds
    touch /boot/config/plugins/unRAID6-ZFS/USE_UNSTABLE_BUILDS
    rm /boot/config/plugins/unRAID6-ZFS/packages/*
    #Then reboot
    #Disable unstable builds
    rm /boot/config/plugins/unRAID6-ZFS/USE_UNSTABLE_BUILDS
    rm /boot/config/plugins/unRAID6-ZFS/packages/*
    #Then reboot


    Please let us know if you are running 2.0.1 without issues and better yet if the conflict reported by Marshalleq has been identified / resolved :)


  13. Hi everyone!
    A newbie question. How do i add an unraid share which is located on my created zfs pool?
    When adding share, all i can see is my dummy array disk...

    You can use smb-extras.conf

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  14. I tried on both 6.9.0-rc2 & 6.8.3 and get the right version after a reboot. 3e942c73b1ca160c8b635f471c56359e.jpg
    I have only ran it on my test server and have not seen anything strange. But to be honest I only run zfs on that install and nothing else going on there.

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  15. Built zfs-2.0.1 for 6.8.3 & 6.9.0-rc2

    If you want to update zfs versions you have to remove the old cached version

    rm /boot/config/plugins/unRAID6-ZFS/packages/*

    And then restart the server

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  16. No I just wish all my standalone dockers and vms could stay up even though the array was stopped. But to be fair I really seldomly have to mess with the array.

    But I don't think this is really a problem though. I have had this running over 5 years now without a single hickup and 0 bytes in data loss. And with the daily zfs replication I had 3 months of daily backups I could go back to if I needed any old configs etc.

    My point being this started as a way for me to make the perfect setup for me and I'm happy that it has helped others. Funny to look back at the beginning and seeing the first reply to this thread. It took some time for him to to find time to play with it, but when zfs becomes a official part of unraid I will open a small bottle of Champagne

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