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  1. And it was! Took a little bit of googling and fiddling with the BIOS settings (turned OPROM for PCIe slots off; had to play with NIC settings), but other than that it was smooth as could be. Up and running on a much improved platform now. Thank you for the vote of confidence!
  2. I haven't done a major hardware upgrade for many years and am just checking in before I get started. I'm currently running: Intel core 2 quad - q9550 Gigabyte G33M-DS2R 8GB DDR2 RAM 17 data disks 2 parity disks 1 SSD cache LSI SAS9201-16e PCI Express to 6Gb/s 16-Port Adapter I'm moving to: 2x XEON E5-2620 V3 SUPERMICRO X10DRL-iT 16GB DDR4 RAM All of the same disks and SAS adapter I don't run any VMs and the primary dockers are Plex, Deluge, Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, NZBGET and OpenVPN. I
  3. Just checked and I have the same issue when trying to copy something to an Unraid share from a Mac as well. Just can't do it! I don't see that any discs or shares have been made read only or anything like that, and I still have full ability to play back content from the server.
  4. I tried moving some files from my Windows 10 PC to my Unraid server, but I don't have an option to "paste" when I right click on an Unraid folder. This kinda came out of nowhere. I as running 6.8.2 and had the issue, then upgraded to 6.8.3, rebooted both the server and the PC, but the problem persists. I have tried both File Explorer and Q-Dir, but can't move or copy files to Unraid using either one. Diagnostics below. Thank you! tower-diagnostics-20200314-1505.zip
  5. Here is the current syslog and the latest status. Server is running and appears from the lights to be doing the monthly parity check. It had been working fine until I went to work yesterday. I came home and the GUI couldn't be accessed, Plex wouldn't connect to Tower, and File Explorer couldn't find the device. I just pulled the Unraid UBS stick and copied the Syslog. I can access the server via a keyboard and monitor. syslog 2-1-2020.txt
  6. Understood. I will seek help there for the Plex issue. I still need help with the original problem, however, which was the server going off line and losing all access via internet or direct.
  7. Okay, syslog is now writing to Flash. Diagnostics attached here. Now I have a new issue -- the Plex Docker is no longer installed. I haven't touched any configurations since these issues began, and I have no idea why it would uninstall. tower-diagnostics-20200118-2026.zip
  8. I have been struggling to keep my server online, and could use help diagnosing the issue. In a nutshell: - It boots up and seems to work fine. I can watch media via Plex, but the one issue has been that large files often time out when I transfer them to the server. - After a few days to a week I can no longer reach the server via the web GUI, File Explorer, Plex, or any other way. The odd thing is that I also lose the video signal to the dedicated monitor, so I truly lose all access. The server is on now, but I can’t access. Is there anyway I can capture the
  9. Thank you, Johnnie. Running the rebuild now and am confident that all will be good. Will also change out the controller.
  10. I've ordered an LSI and will install it next week. In the meantime, I hadn't powered down the server and my monthly parity check (with corrections on) kicked off overnight. I stopped the check at the 8 hour mark, powered down, checked all cables, and powered up again. Now running an extended SMART test on the disabled drive. My question is, should I try to rebuild the disabled disc, or should I try to re-enable it as is and then check parity? I'm afraid that my parity is no longer valid since it ran with a disc disabled (and had millions of errors). On the other hand, data on
  11. I've been having issues for the last week where I get an error that 5 disks have read errors. I reboot and all is well. Today I got that message plus my Disc 2 has been disabled. This may be a cabling or SASLP problem, but I haven't touched anything or rebooted. What's the best way to proceed from here? Diagnostics attached below. Running 6.7.2 tower-diagnostics-20190627-2100.zip Thank you!
  12. That worked. I'm all good now.
  13. I want to try adding a Windows VM to my server, but I don't have any of these shares installed: /iso /domain /system I read those are supposed to be installed automatically by Unraid, but I have never had them. Is there anything "special" about the settings for each, or can I just add them myself with default settings. Running 6.7.0
  14. So I should be good to Powerdown, reseat the card and secure all cables, and then restart the server?