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  1. Hello, seems to be an user permission. Look if permissions of your folder is OK
  2. Well, I think that's because there's no answer from the trackers (I have the same with They tried to only answers with results from the category but it screws sonar...
  3. The update is there and you have to check because I never had the issue...
  4. Hello, update for Jackett is ongoing and should be there within an hour!
  5. Hello, I was on holidays without laptop sorry. I did update jackett to 0.6.3 2 days ago and 0.6.4 today.
  6. Hello this is the continuation of the questions I've asked in preclear topic. Since it's a 6.0 Unraid that I have, it seems to be more efficient to put it there : I tried a new preclear but I stopped at the "start" of the pre read (running et less than 1MB/S...). Attached smart status (which seems clear...) and the syslog (where we see the errors shown before, but no other ones...). I tried with another HDD on the same SATA Card (but not port) and It worked smoothly. To be honest, I think that I'll return the HDD to amazon. What do you think? smart.txt syslog-pre-clear-201
  7. Hello Robj. First, Thank you for answering. Second, I didn't saw the "Read Me first" and I apologize for that. In order to check if the issue was from the disk or for any other stuff, I've started a preclear on a spare drive (1Tb this one). So I had to reboot... I'll wait for the preclear to be finished and I'll start back the preclear on the 3Tb (because it's so far so good on the 1Tb disk). And I'll create a topic accordingly. Thanks again, Sylvain
  8. Hello Guys, I bought a new hard drive on friday and installed it on my NAS (unraid 6.0.1). it's a WD 3T (WDC_WD30EZRX-00D8PB0_WD-WMC4N0JAPE9L) So I used preclear script in order to clear it using the web plugin (from gfjardim). After a long pre read part (starting from 4.4Mb/s, ending à ~75MB/s), my disk went to preclear but a lot more faster (~220 MB/s). At the end of the process, the system was weird (no possibility to see the exit of the command) so I decided to reboot and redo (withour pre / post read) And I have this error: ====================================================
  9. Still having the same problem on my 2 trackers.... yep some trackers sometimes stops to work can you retest (version 0.5.1) ?
  10. thanks for the topic! I'm currently running plex directly on unraid ans was considering moving to a container (especially for auto update...). I'm waiting the answers of the owners now
  11. I built a new image with one more volume (/opt/Jackett/.config/Jackett) with should allow to make it work correctly. I have tested it and it work with my two trackers (and config is "saved").
  12. it's directly a build from git (my fork to add frenchtorrentdb). I'll check tonight sorry!
  13. Just woke up. Gimme an hour or two. Added. You should add the <Date> entry to the template so that it shows up in the new / updated list. If you're running CA using Kode's feed, then the app should be available within two hours. If you're not using Kode's feed with CA, the App is available immediately. (Working on an update to alleviate this to a certain extent) Hi and thanks! I'll test in the next 2 hours!