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  1. Hmm I think Krusader and unraid are reporting incorrect file sizes on the disk. There are 71 items in the HD folder, and @ 1.4TB that works out just under 20GB a file, which looks correct....so I'm not sure there's a problem anywhere! I don't understand why unraid is reporting 500GB total size though? Just checked and unraid is only calculating the single files, not bluray folder structures. Panic over, all files are fine
  2. Hmm...in windows explorer I right clicked HD folder and it calculated that as having 1.3TB of content, so it looks like the missing content is from that folder rather than the two which are showing as empty...even more confused now!
  3. File system check results: reiserfsck 3.6.27 Will read-only check consistency of the filesystem on /dev/md13 Will put log info to 'stdout' ########### reiserfsck --check started at Thu Dec 19 11:09:59 2019 ########### Replaying journal: Replaying journal: Done. Reiserfs journal '/dev/md13' in blocks [18..8211]: 0 transactions replayed Checking internal tree.. finished Comparing bitmaps..finished Checking Semantic tree: finished No corruptions found There are on the filesystem: Leaves 370543 Internal nodes 2234 Directories 510 Other files 2695 Data block pointers 374539709 (0 of them are zero) Safe links 0 ########### reiserfsck finished at Thu Dec 19 11:26:46 2019 ########### tower-diagnostics-20191219-1131.zip
  4. Just in the process of migrating data from my old unraid server to my new one. I'm doing it disk by disk via Krusader, but I've run into problems on one of the disks. It's a 2TB disk formatted as reiserfs (it's an old server) - it's showing 500GB free, so 1.5TB used, but when I navigate to the disk through ANY means, I can only see some of the files. The folder structure is: HD (files showing) TV (empty) Ultra HD (empty) Looking at the disk share in windows, there are no files. Navigating via network in windows shows no files. Navigating via the web gui - /mnt/disk13 also shows the same, but the disk in unraid show 1.5TB, as it does in windows. Any ideas? I'm stumped.... Before anyone asks, I've not accidentally deleted files from those folders. Krusader shows one of the folders hasn't been modified for 4 years, and the other was modified 3 months ago. I nearly rebooted the server but thought I should get some advice on here before I do anything.
  5. What if you need to access the bios, if you have any problems with boot devices etc? The quad core version of my dual core box is available for £40 more....but there's no HDMI on it, and I'm really wary of running something completely headless.
  6. Hi all Just installed the fix common problems plugin, and it came up with this error. If anyone could look at my diagnostics it would be much appreciated. Thanks! mediaserver-diagnostics-20191211-1032.zip
  7. I have no preference really - I just want to be able to do what I've listed above effectively
  8. After dabbling with an off-the-shelf NAS server (Terramaster), I'm now considering doing a new build again. I'm looking at the U-NAS 800 or 810, so looking for a micro ATX or mini ITX board - this is to replace a 20 bay server I built many years ago. In terms of NAS usage, it's pretty straight forward: streaming UHD blurays to a Zappiti 4k HDR player, and dockers such as sabnzb/radarr/sonarr. Obviously I want to be able to utilise up to 8 HDDs, but I'm assuming there's no motherboards out there which will support that? If not, I have a supermicro SATA expansion card which I can re-use from my original unraid build. Not planning anything else at this point, and want to spend as little as possible. Any recommendations?
  9. Thanks, will give that a try. Interestingly, I disabled the parity drive on the new server and writes are still 9Mb/s....
  10. I'm dragging and dropping the files from one mapped folder to another...
  11. Hi, here they are... tower-diagnostics-20191209-1454.zip tower2-diagnostics-20191209-0936.zip
  12. It's easy - simply take out the internal USB drive that the Terramaster O/S is on (it's fixed with hot glue...but it's easy to take the glue off), and put in your unRAID stick. Before you do that, just edit the EFI- folder on the unRAID stick to EFI...it should boot straight away.
  13. I'm running 2 unraid servers, one named tower and the other named tower2 - they have static IPs so no conflicts. However, when I'm in the GUI, say for Tower, and I make a change (could be anything, spin down drives, or just refreshing a page) all of a sudden the GUI randomly switches to the other server. This happens both ways, and happens randomly. I've also had issues where on reboot I can't connect to network shares for one of the servers - it just returns a "share is already in use" error (Windows 10). Any ideas for why I keep coming across these issues?
  14. I've been running unraid now for about 6 years, and I've always had low write speeds (around 20MB/s). I've just bought an off-the-shelf server (Terramaster F5-221, dual core processor with 4GB RAM), and plan to migrate from my old 20 bay monster to this....but I'm getting even more pitiful speeds. From unraid to unraid I'm getting a pitiful 9MB/s transfer rate, and with 36TB of content, it's going to take months. To clarify - both servers are connected directly to my router (Virgin Hub 3.0) via Cat5 cables. I've tried changing cables, and it makes no difference. I've tried enabling turbowrite but that's made zero difference (to be fair I'm not sure what I'm doing with it). Regardless of which server I write to (from my main desktop PC - running on a homeplug which gets over 100MB/s throughput when running an external speedtest), I get max 22MB/s and less than half that when transferring files from the old to the new server. Any ideas? I've attached the diagnostics files for both servers (tower2 is the new one). tower2-diagnostics-20191209-0936.zip tower-diagnostics-20191209-1454.zip