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  1. Throwing in another option as it looks like the Playstation streaming service Playstation Now is available on Windows machines. All you need is a Dual Shock 4 controller in addition to a compatible windows machine.
  2. Seconding Syncback, I have an old SyncbackSE version which also compresses and encrypts before sending them offsite. I'm sure there are more elegant ways of doing this, but its been working well for years so I haven't fiddled with it.
  3. If there is one near enough to go in store there usually is an easily found $5 off $30 coupon available.
  4. jamerson9

    Pi Zero

    They also gave it away with a recent issue of MagPi magazine (physical) too.
  5. I did some tests a couple of years back when I started using unRAID. I also was limited to the number devices (3 wired clients) and wireless bandwidth. But, going from fuzzy memory, I could only just do (with a little buffering) 3 different 1080p movies all on the same disk served to 3 wired Plex clients.
  6. Currently using all three for years; Kodi, Plex and Emby, for most of the before mentioned reasons. Wish it was one app, but can't really complain as the only monetary outlay was $1.99 (on sale) for the android Plex app and everything works fine. Should really thank unRAID for being such a stable platform. Just one bone of contention with all these apps is that I wish they would come up with a more efficient way of storing the metadata. As my library grows having hundred of thousands of files to back up is getting a little ridiculous. Can't even tell you how many files my Plex metadata library has right now as explorer is still counting files... Have to add that Filebot is a life saver for trouble free metadata acquisition.
  7. This is more for a reminder to myself how I got things working as this is the second time I had to figure out how to do this. I was already using v5 hamachi plug-in and used the saved config files located at: /boot/config/hamachi-conf.tgz Created a folder in cache /mnt/cache/Apps/Hamachi and copied the config files into that folder. ran at the linux prompt docker pull gfjardim/hamachi and then docker run -d --name="Hamachi" --net="host" --privileged="true" -e ACCOUNT="your@email.com" -v "/mnt/cache/Apps/Hamachi/":"/config":rw -v "/etc/localtime":"/etc/localtime":ro gfjardim/hamachi
  8. Bugger... Mine was DOA. The Magical smoke came out as soon as I turned it on.
  9. During preclear it got around 43~45C in my open case spare machine with no fans. Now in the server in with air blowing over them, they are around 35C.
  10. Currently using abeMeda trial version which allows up to 10 catalogs, which is more than number of shares I have on unRAID. Also, use Index Your Files, but this sometimes gets hung up when updating the index and seems to be very slow at updating. Tried countless others and there seems to be countless others left to try, but sticking with abeMeda trial as it seems to be the most reliable and fastest at indexing. I would be interested in what other people use as I would like to also index my individual drives too.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Really nice deal given that I received the full package with cables. Not like the server pull jobs without brackets that I'm used to. Now just got to figure out a way to secure this to the case given that I'm using the molex and don't have a spare pcie port to plug it in.
  12. Try SyncbackFree. I'm using an older SE version of it and I think the free one does do backups to Zip files (individual or by folder).
  13. Try your local recycle center. My local one has a box full of old matrox and ATI pci graphics cards from old office machines.
  14. Not using it for unRAID, but ran a P5B deluxe, 8GB ram with a Q9550. Transcoded up to three easily.
  15. USB extenders over ethernet to connect keyboard/mouse/remote? Anyone with experience using these?