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  1. I’ve been using unraid for more than 6 years, I love how it keeps improving as more features are added! Happy birthday!
  2. Semi-OT question: what usenet provider are you using? I also have a gigabit fibre connection, but the best my usenet provider can do is about 50 MB/s.
  3. The last few times I have rebooted my server, I get an unclean shutdown notification from Fix Common Problems, but no parity check is triggered... Diagnostics attached from my last reboot (after installing 6.5.1), any insights? mnemosyne-diagnostics-20180424-0939.zip
  4. Could you share the solution you found? I'm having the same issue with some of my RSS feeds.
  5. Where did you find that drive for $63?? It sounds like a killer deal if it ends up being suitable for an unRAID array...
  6. Rebuild is now in progress. Thanks for the guidance, johnnie.black!
  7. Yeah, that is a very old max. I shucked this drive from an external enclosure, and I suspect that it hit 66º during the brief time I used it as an external drive before shucking it. As everything else looks good, I'll open up my server and check the cables. Just to confirm, the procedure to rebuild a drive onto itself goes like this: stop array unassign disabled drive restart array stop array reassign previously disabled drive restart array, and unRAID begins the rebuild Is that correct?
  8. I have one drive (drive 2) which has been disabled. It shows a ridiculous number for writes and for reads, and doesn't respond to a spin up command, which leads me to believe that it's SATA connector may have come loose, as I have recently migrated my drives into a new server chassis and may have knocked something loose putting it all back together. Before I open up my server to check the connections and then attempt to rebuild the drive onto itself, I seek the wisdom of this forum to confirm that this is what likely happened. Diagnostics are attached. mnemosyne-diagnostics-20160523-1505.zip