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  1. The price shows as $369 and $339 after rebate?
  2. I successfully updated the firmware on my drives. Thanks for the walk threw . In the process of preclearing now.
  3. Thanks Queeg, I'm going to try it on my old PC I have laying around. I need to get a molex to sata power adapter 1st, thats an old power supply with no sata power connectors. Luckily the mother board has 2 sata connections.
  4. I got both my drives from amazon. Both have cc34. Do i have to upgrade to 35? Or is it just recommended? Updating seems complicated to me.
  5. I bought 2 of these from amazon for 69. Do these just work out of the box ?? No special jumpers or anything needed for Unraid.
  6. Amazon has it for the same price for those of us who live in Cali. http://www.amazon.com/TRENDnet-Unmanaged-GREENnet-Auto-Negotiation-Auto-MDIX/dp/B001QUA6R0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1290740006&sr=8-1
  7. I bought 2 from Amazon, since Newegg charges me tax I been lurking for a while, my Unraid server is slowing coming together now.