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  1. Update: It seems my docker.img file had become corrupted. I deleted it and have been reinstalling all dockers. Problem seems to have stopped. I think the docker.img may have screwed up because one of the drives in my cache pool seems to be wanting to die on me. Next thing I have to do is replace it.
  2. I was thinking it could be cooling. It's pretty hot today. I'll take a look inside the case. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. My server has been restarting about every 20 minutes and attempting a parity check since this morning. I turned it off for about 30 minutes and then turned it on to see if it would fix the problem. It stayed on for about 40 minutes before restarting again. I'm assuming they're unclean shutdowns because it starts a parity check every time. No errors detected in "Fix Common Problems" Lots of drives started throwing out errors after my latest restart. I think it may be a problem with my cache pool. I've attached the syslog for any guidance. thanks! syslog.txt
  4. Any dark theme, such as Arc-Dark for example would be nice.
  5. I know that FileZilla mirrors whatever theme you have installed in linux, but I was wondering if it were possible to give this docker a dark gtk theme?
  6. Well, I went ahead and got PIA and it worked with both your DelugeVPN and rTorrentVPN dockers. Thanks What is the reason that you strongly encouraged me to go with a provider that allows port forwarding? What's the benefit there?
  7. I've been using DelugeVPN docker with IPVanish for over a year without problems. I tried reinstalling it today and have had no luck. Looking at the forum briefly, I'm seeing that the VPN provider being used must allow port forwarding. I checked online and I don't think IPVanish allows port forwarding due to their NAT firewall. Was there a change in the docker that broke IPVanish's compatibility? Will I have to change my VPN service if I want to continue using this docker?
  8. <?xml version="1.0"?> <Container version="2"> <Name>HandBrake</Name> <Repository>jlesage/handbrake</Repository> <Registry>https://hub.docker.com/r/jlesage/handbrake/</Registry> <Network>bridge</Network> <MyIP/> <Shell>sh</Shell> <Privileged>false</Privileged> <Support>https://forums.unraid.net/topic/57420-support-handbrake/</Support> <Project>https://handbrake.fr/</Project> <Overview>HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.&#xD; &#xD; The GUI of the application is accessed through a modern web browser (no installation or configuration needed on client side) or via any VNC client.&#xD; A fully automated mode is also available: drop files into a watch folder and let HandBrake process them without any user interaction.&#xD; Also, being based on Alpine Linux, size of this container&#xD; is very small (less than 80MB in download size).</Overview> <Category>MediaApp:Video</Category> <WebUI>http://[IP]:[PORT:5800]</WebUI> <TemplateURL>https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jlesage/docker-templates/master/jlesage/handbrake.xml</TemplateURL> <Icon>https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jlesage/docker-templates/master/jlesage/images/handbrake-icon.png</Icon> <ExtraParams>false</ExtraParams> <PostArgs/> <CPUset/> <DateInstalled>1538534578</DateInstalled> <DonateText/> <DonateLink>https://paypal.me/JocelynLeSage/0usd</DonateLink> <Description>HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.&#xD; &#xD; The GUI of the application is accessed through a modern web browser (no installation or configuration needed on client side) or via any VNC client.&#xD; A fully automated mode is also available: drop files into a watch folder and let HandBrake process them without any user interaction.&#xD; Also, being based on Alpine Linux, size of this container&#xD; is very small (less than 80MB in download size).</Description> <Networking> <Mode>bridge</Mode> <Publish> <Port> <HostPort>7803</HostPort> <ContainerPort>5800</ContainerPort> <Protocol>tcp</Protocol> </Port> <Port> <HostPort>7903</HostPort> <ContainerPort>5900</ContainerPort> <Protocol>tcp</Protocol> </Port> </Publish> </Networking> <Data> <Volume> <HostDir>/mnt/user</HostDir> <ContainerDir>/storage</ContainerDir> <Mode>ro</Mode> </Volume> <Volume> <HostDir/> <ContainerDir>/watch</ContainerDir> <Mode>rw</Mode> </Volume> <Volume> <HostDir>/mnt/user/Intermediate/</HostDir> <ContainerDir>/output</ContainerDir> <Mode>rw</Mode> </Volume> <Volume> <HostDir>/mnt/user/appdatatest/HandBrake</HostDir> <ContainerDir>/config</ContainerDir> <Mode>rw</Mode> </Volume> </Data> <Environment> <Variable> <Value>Very Fast 1080p30</Value> <Name>AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_PRESET</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value>mp4</Value> <Name>AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_FORMAT</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value>1</Value> <Name>AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_KEEP_SOURCE</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value/> <Name>AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_OUTPUT_SUBDIR</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value>99</Value> <Name>USER_ID</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value>100</Value> <Name>GROUP_ID</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value>000</Value> <Name>UMASK</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value/> <Name>APP_NICENESS</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value>1280</Value> <Name>DISPLAY_WIDTH</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value>768</Value> <Name>DISPLAY_HEIGHT</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value>0</Value> <Name>SECURE_CONNECTION</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value/> <Name>X11VNC_EXTRA_OPTS</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value>5</Value> <Name>AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_SOURCE_STABLE_TIME</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value>10</Value> <Name>AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_SOURCE_MIN_DURATION</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> <Variable> <Value>5</Value> <Name>AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_CHECK_INTERVAL</Name> <Mode/> </Variable> </Environment> <Labels/> <Config Name="Storage" Target="/storage" Default="/mnt/user" Mode="ro" Description="This location contains files from your host that need to be accessible by the application.&amp;lt;br&amp;gt;Container path: /storage" Type="Path" Display="always-hide" Required="true" Mask="false">/mnt/user</Config> <Config Name="Watch Directory" Target="/watch" Default="" Mode="rw" Description="This is the watch folder of the automatic video converter. Any video copied into this folder will be automatically converted by HandBrake.&amp;lt;br&amp;gt;Container path: /watch" Type="Path" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="false"/> <Config Name="Output Directory" Target="/output" Default="" Mode="rw" Description="This is the default output folder for converted videos. Also used by the automatic video converter.&amp;lt;br&amp;gt;Container path: /output" Type="Path" Display="always" Required="true" Mask="false">/mnt/user/Intermediate/</Config> <Config Name="Automatic Video Converter: Preset" Target="AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_PRESET" Default="Very Fast 1080p30" Mode="" Description="Preset used by the automatic video converter. Name of all available presets can be seen via the HandBrake GUI." Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="false">Very Fast 1080p30</Config> <Config Name="Automatic Video Converter: Format" Target="AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_FORMAT" Default="mp4" Mode="" Description="Video container format used by the automatic video converter for output files. This is typically the video filename extension." Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="false">mp4</Config> <Config Name="Automatic Video Converter: Keep Source Files" Target="AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_KEEP_SOURCE" Default="1" Mode="" Description="Set to 0 to remove successfully converted videos from the watch folder, 1 to keep them." Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="false">1</Config> <Config Name="Automatic Video Converter: Output Subdirectory" Target="AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_OUTPUT_SUBDIR" Default="" Mode="" Description="Subdirectory of the output folder into which converted videos should be written.&amp;lt;ul&amp;gt;&amp;lt;li&amp;gt;Leave value empty to save converted videos directly into &amp;lt;b&amp;gt;&amp;lt;i&amp;gt;/output/&amp;lt;/i&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt;.&amp;lt;/li&amp;gt;&amp;lt;li&amp;gt;Use the special value &amp;lt;b&amp;gt;&amp;lt;i&amp;gt;SAME_AS_SRC&amp;lt;/i&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt; to use the same subfolder as the source. For example, if the video source file is &amp;lt;b&amp;gt;&amp;lt;i&amp;gt;/watch/Movies/mymovie.mkv&amp;lt;/i&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt;, the converted video will be written to &amp;lt;b&amp;gt;&amp;lt;i&amp;gt;/output/Movies/&amp;lt;/i&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt;.&amp;lt;/li&amp;gt;&amp;lt;li&amp;gt;Use any subfolder name. For example, setting the value &amp;lt;b&amp;gt;&amp;lt;i&amp;gt;Home/Movies&amp;lt;/i&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt; will make converted videos written to &amp;lt;b&amp;gt;&amp;lt;i&amp;gt;/output/Home/Movies&amp;lt;/i&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt;/&amp;lt;/li&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/ul&amp;gt;" Type="Variable" Display="always" Required="false" Mask="false"/> <Config Name="Config Directory" Target="/config" Default="/mnt/user/appdatatest/HandBrake" Mode="rw" Description="This is where the application stores its configuration, log and any files needing persistency.&amp;lt;br&amp;gt;Container path: /config" Type="Path" Display="advanced-hide" Required="true" Mask="false">/mnt/user/appdatatest/HandBrake</Config> <Config Name="User ID" Target="USER_ID" Default="99" Mode="" Description="ID of the user the application runs as." Type="Variable" Display="advanced-hide" Required="true" Mask="false">99</Config> <Config Name="Group ID" Target="GROUP_ID" Default="100" Mode="" Description="ID of the group the application runs as." Type="Variable" Display="advanced-hide" Required="true" Mask="false">100</Config> <Config Name="Umask" Target="UMASK" Default="000" Mode="" Description="Mask that controls how file permissions are set for newly created files. The value of the mask is in octal notation." Type="Variable" Display="advanced" Required="false" Mask="false">000</Config> <Config Name="Niceness (priority)" Target="APP_NICENESS" Default="" Mode="" Description="Priority at which the application should run. A niceness value of -20 is the highest priority and 19 is the lowest priority.&amp;lt;br&amp;gt;&amp;lt;b&amp;gt;NOTE:&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt; Setting a negative value requires additional permissions. Thus, &amp;lt;i&amp;gt;&amp;lt;b&amp;gt;--cap-add=SYS_NICE&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/i&amp;gt; must be added in &amp;lt;i&amp;gt;Extra Parameters&amp;lt;/i&amp;gt; (shown when &amp;lt;i&amp;gt;Advanced View&amp;lt;/i&amp;gt; is enabled)." Type="Variable" Display="advanced" Required="false" Mask="false"/> <Config Name="Display Width" Target="DISPLAY_WIDTH" Default="1280" Mode="" Description="Width (in pixels) of the application's window." Type="Variable" Display="advanced" Required="false" Mask="false">1280</Config> <Config Name="Display Height" Target="DISPLAY_HEIGHT" Default="768" Mode="" Description="Height (in pixels) of the application's window." Type="Variable" Display="advanced" Required="false" Mask="false">768</Config> <Config Name="Secure Connection" Target="SECURE_CONNECTION" Default="0" Mode="" Description="Whether or not an encrypted connection should be used to access the application's GUI. Set to &amp;lt;i&amp;gt;&amp;lt;b&amp;gt;1&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/i&amp;gt; to encrypt the connection.&amp;lt;br&amp;gt;&amp;lt;span style='color: red;'&amp;gt;&amp;lt;b&amp;gt;Note:&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/span&amp;gt; When enabling the secure connection, security parameters needs to be generated. This &amp;lt;b&amp;gt;one-time&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt; operation is done during container startup. Depending on your system, this could take a few minutes. GUI of the application won't be available until the operation completes." Type="Variable" Display="advanced" Required="false" Mask="false">0</Config> <Config Name="Extra x11vnc Options" Target="X11VNC_EXTRA_OPTS" Default="" Mode="" Description="Extra options to pass to the x11vnc server running in the Docker container.&amp;lt;br&amp;gt;&amp;lt;span style='color: red;'&amp;gt;&amp;lt;b&amp;gt;Warning:&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/span&amp;gt; For advanced users. Do not use unless you know what you are doing." Type="Variable" Display="advanced" Required="false" Mask="false"/> <Config Name="Automatic Video Converter: Source File Stable Time" Target="AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_SOURCE_STABLE_TIME" Default="5" Mode="" Description="Time during which properties (e.g. size, time, etc) of a video file in the watch folder need to remain the same. This is to avoid processing a file that is being copied." Type="Variable" Display="advanced" Required="false" Mask="false">5</Config> <Config Name="Automatic Video Converter: Minimum Title Duration" Target="AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_SOURCE_MIN_DURATION" Default="10" Mode="" Description="Minimum title duration (in seconds). Shorter titles will be ignored. This applies only to video disc sources (ISO file, &amp;lt;i&amp;gt;VIDEO_TS&amp;lt;/i&amp;gt; folder or &amp;lt;i&amp;gt;BDMV&amp;lt;/i&amp;gt; folder)." Type="Variable" Display="advanced" Required="false" Mask="false">10</Config> <Config Name="Automatic Video Converter: Check Interval" Target="AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_CHECK_INTERVAL" Default="5" Mode="" Description="Interval (in seconds) at which the automatic video converter checks for new files." Type="Variable" Display="advanced" Required="false" Mask="false">5</Config> <Config Name="WEB Port for GUI" Target="5800" Default="7803" Mode="tcp" Description="Port used to access the application's GUI via the web interface." Type="Port" Display="advanced-hide" Required="true" Mask="false">7803</Config> <Config Name="VNC Port for GUI" Target="5900" Default="7903" Mode="tcp" Description="Port used to access the application's GUI via the VNC protocol. Optional if no VNC client is used." Type="Port" Display="advanced-hide" Required="false" Mask="false">7903</Config> </Container>
  9. I'm having issues reinstalling dockers after switching out my cache drive. For example, the error I get when trying to install handbrake is: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='HandBrake' --net='bridge' -e TZ="America/Los_Angeles" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_PRESET'='Very Fast 1080p30' -e 'AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_FORMAT'='mp4' -e 'AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_KEEP_SOURCE'='1' -e 'AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_OUTPUT_SUBDIR'='' -e 'USER_ID'='99' -e 'GROUP_ID'='100' -e 'UMASK'='000' -e 'APP_NICENESS'='' -e 'DISPLAY_WIDTH'='1280' -e 'DISPLAY_HEIGHT'='768' -e 'SECURE_CONNECTION'='0' -e 'X11VNC_EXTRA_OPTS'='' -e 'AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_SOURCE_STABLE_TIME'='5' -e 'AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_SOURCE_MIN_DURATION'='10' -e 'AUTOMATED_CONVERSION_CHECK_INTERVAL'='5' -p '7803:5800/tcp' -p '7903:5900/tcp' -v '/mnt/user':'/storage':'ro' -v '':'/watch':'rw' -v '/mnt/user/Intermediate/':'/output':'rw' -v '/mnt/user/appdatatest/HandBrake':'/config':'rw' false 'jlesage/handbrake' Unable to find image 'false:latest' locally /usr/bin/docker: Error response from daemon: pull access denied for false, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login'. See '/usr/bin/docker run --help'. I've tried deleting the docker.img and resizing, changing appdata folders, I've tried pinging hub.docker.com and it doesn't seem to respond. Pinging google.com does work. What could be the issue? I'll be posting a diagnostics log here soon. Any tips for me to get this working again?
  10. I'm having issues with the scripts showing up in nzbget. I've put the "videosort" folder inside the "ppscripts" folder within the nzbget config directory. I've also tried re-mapping the directory within the docker settings. Lastly, tried to change permissions. Not sure if I input the correct commands, however. Anyone have any tips on getting scripts to show up on my nzbget docker?
  11. Any luck with correcting the timezone on MotionEye? I'm on Pacific Standard Time.
  12. Here are some icons I made a while back. Just figured I'd share 'em here
  13. Is there any way to go back to old permissions if I start having issues with Emby?
  14. I have my Emby docker set up on an appdata folder that I have created on an Unassigned Device. The problem is that I cannot make changes or delete files from within Windows Explorer over SMB. I also cannot delete files from the Krusader docker. The only way I can make modifications to any file in the config directory of the emby docker is to ssh into the server and run midnight commander through CLI. I don't think that docker safe permissions will help since the file I'm trying to gain access to is in a docker directory. How can I regain access to the config directory from within Windows Explorer? Thanks.