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  1. Currently the USB is plugged in with v5 files. I have access to the web interface, ssh and the remote management, so I can reboot the server. In theory I can just overwrite the files with v6, reboot the server and hope for the best. It can't get any worse than this. Though the best solution would be, just to get the new license keys, scp them to the USB and reboot the server and have a working v5 again.
  2. Do you know if I can scp / overwrite all the files while unRaid is running? Like I said, I am not physically on site, I only have access using SSH through a remote gateway (and of course also access to the remote management of the motherboard).
  3. I took screenshots of the disk assignment, so I should be able to get it right. But that is actually good advice. I'm not physically on site now, I only have remote access through a gateway system (which would be enough to scp the key file to the USB), so I am not sure I can do the upgrade remotely while the box is running. If I don't hear back from support soon, I will have to try this. I wanted to avoid upgrading to 6x because 5x has been running perfectly and I feared that our hardware might not be fast enough for 6x. But I guess I will give it a try then. Attaching the HDDs directly is my last resort. I know it works, but I have no idea what is stored on which HDD. It would be quite a hassle to set this up for my father now.
  4. sadly, I am running still unRaid 5.0.6 on these boxes. I only posted here because I think the other forums are abandoned. But this would be a good opportunity to upgrade I guess. In case something like this happens again. We are more or less offline since 4 days now. I don't really want to pull a HDD out of the box to mount in locally somewhere.
  5. I had to replace both USB Keys on my fathers unRaid servers because they died. I contacted the support for replacement keys 4 days ago but haven't had a reply since then. My father is without backup and can't access his files now - which is quite a hassle. Any idea what I can do to access the files at least without breaking the array?
  6. My father just called that he had problems with his unRaid box. I saw that out of 4 HDDs only Parity and disk 3 was spun up and as he was trying to copy a file across it just stopped. The Dynamix GUI showed an error counter of 4000+ on that disk. It was fine the day before. I checked the SMART values and it said that everything is fine with that disk, although it was overheating (41 degrees, I set the alarm to 40, usually disks are around 36-38). I then proceeded to stop the array and issued a reboot but then the box didn't came back up. I was able to use teamviewer and log onto the IPMI interface but I could barely navigate there. I was able to see the following last three lines: I then rebooted it again, this time using unraid safe mode but the same error message appeared. the box had an uptime of 116 days before this issue. I already tried google but I couldn't find anything related to unRAID and I certainly didn't touch any of the files. All I did, aside the normal installation, was to install Dynamix Web GUI. However this was a long time ago so I don't even know what version of unRAID is running there. We have a 2nd box that I use for backup (mirror of the 1st one) and I started a backup yesterday but didn't finish it cause it was just too much data. It's installed identically though as the 1st one, just with different hostname and ip and it booted just fine. Is there anything else I can try to debug remotely?
  7. So you need a 2nd Mac next to your unraid Box. Aside from me not having anothe Mac to spare, that's exactly what I wanted to avoid. I wanted to have only one PC running which has the Storage and Services on the same Machine. Having another Mac share the iTunes library which is stored on unraid doesn't make sense for me
  8. I searched the forums already and it seems that SimpleFeatures is needed for iTunes Server. Since I use Dynamix that is out of the question. Is there any standalone plugin?
  9. my bad, I got confused with ether-wake since I happened to have been looking for it too (and that's what I'm using to wake up the PC now instead of ipmi). So in fact I don't have ipmitool for unraid. Hopefully tr0910 can still help you and upload it.
  10. thanks for the reply, but I did find it in another thread (damn can't find it right now) and it's working on unraid 5.
  11. And how do you use it from the command line? mail is not found, neither is sendmail.
  12. How is the dynamix plugin sending out the mails? unraid doesn't come with sendmail or mail command and I want to email the output of a backup script. Is there any way to use dynamix mail daemon instead of installing another one?
  13. same here. anyone got a compiled ipmiutil / ipmitool version for unraid 5.x?
  14. I am trying to wake another server from my unraid server. But I can not find a working etherwake package for unraid 5.x I found a lot of posts from 2010 on the forums, but either all the links are dead, or it's not on slackverse or it's not working on unraid 5.x (says cannot execute binary file). Can someone please post a working link to a working package? It doesn't have to be etherwake, I just need to send a magic packet. edit: the version attached to this thread seems to work: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=6207.0
  15. Ah, I didn't knew it writes until 1/2 of the space was used, I thought it was 1/4 (that's why I monitored the 500GB). I know that I can create the folders by myself, but I used this as kind of experiment to see what is happening if I don't manually create anything and just write to the share. Thanks a lot for the clarification though.