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  1. Welcome to your new addiction as a r/datahoarder
  2. I decided to upgrade to the new Nvidia Plugin 6.8 RC4 and tried to add the same drive again and it still failed to start anything. Since it didn't work, I decided to downgrade to the last stable release 6.7.2 and everything is back to normal. I was able to add my new drive and my docker started to work. I attached two sets of logs, one is the RC and the second is the downgrade. Maybe someone could see a problem or difference in the logs. tower-diagnostics-20191030-1051.zip tower-diagnostics-20191030-1051a.zip
  3. I added a new drive, and my shares no longer show up and my docker doesn't start. log attached. When I removed the drive everything is back to normal. unraid verstion 6.8rc3 (Nvidia Build) tower-diagnostics-20191025-2259.zip
  4. I noticed that line in the above post and added it. Thank you
  5. How do I correct these errors in Nextcloud
  6. Can this docker be setup to watch my entire Library and only re-encode 4k files to 1080 to a new library or place it beside the original?
  7. This is a Tautulli problem and they know about.
  8. Is there a way to get the latest build from Plex with the updated transcoder for Linux, that will enable the NVIDIA GPU Decode/Encode. https://forums.plex.tv/t/plex-media-server-1-16-7-1597-updated-new-transcoder-preview/451135
  9. There is an HBA mode and i used 8tb drives
  10. Adaptec 72405 = $200.00 I also have the breakout cables to SFF 8087 https://www.amazon.com/Adaptec-2274900-R-72405-24-Ports-Controller/dp/B00NIYC71K Shipping by Canada Post
  11. Rocket Raid 2740 = $200.00 https://www.amazon.ca/HighPoint-RocketRAID-2740-PCI-Express-Controller/dp/B004TA7MJE
  12. Rosewill RSV-L4412 - 4U = $150.00 + Shipping Costs https://www.newegg.ca/black-rosewill-rsv-l4412/p/N82E16811147233 Shipping will be Canada Post.
  13. My DHCP server was flaking out from using the pi-hole and decided to use the DHCP Server on my unifi gear and it cleared it up.