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  1. Do I add that to the script somehwere?
  2. Did something break in the latest unraid because I had this setup exactly like this and when the update happened, my array doesn't start automatically. I have to put the keyfile in everytime. I'm running NVIDIA Unraid 6.8.2
  3. My dual xeon setup died and I'm going to use my 7700k as a replacement along with a 28 bay Supermicro JBOD disk station from Ebay. What I was curious about is when I move over to the new machine, is there any real benefit starting from a scratch setup or just restore my appdata folder and pray that everything works. Pathways and mappings will remain the same.
  4. Moving UNRAID to a new setup, and curious if there is any benefit to creating a new Plex Media Server and a config folder in appdata or can i just copy or move my current Plex Media Server config folder and just a new docker?
  5. I have an oppurtunity to pick this guy up for a decent price and curious if this would work with unraid, also can someone tell me what I need for a cable and hba card on my pc to get this working. https://www.supermicro.com/en/products/chassis/3U/837/SC837E16-RJBOD1
  6. My nextcloud is stuck in Maintenance Mode, it was trying to update. How do i fix this?
  7. I seen this as an option, curious if this works now?
  8. I would like to see ZFS implemented.
  9. I'm trying to setup two Radarr instances one for HD and the other for 4k, for some reason I cannot get radarrsync to work. Looking for some tips on how to set this up.
  10. That is good to know, my current unraid machine is all 8TB hard drives.
  11. Exactly what the the title states. I'm approaching 24 drive limit on my Norco 2442 case. I'm starting to get a bit nervous when I only have can have 2 Parity drive limit, or two hard drive Failure at once. How many hard drives should I be adding safely to this 2 drive parity limit, the risk factors. Will Disk Shelves work with unraid? I was thinking picking up a couple DS4243 and moving all my storage on to that and have a separate pc do to all the hard work. Or is time to find a new storage OS solution?
  12. Welcome to your new addiction as a r/datahoarder
  13. I decided to upgrade to the new Nvidia Plugin 6.8 RC4 and tried to add the same drive again and it still failed to start anything. Since it didn't work, I decided to downgrade to the last stable release 6.7.2 and everything is back to normal. I was able to add my new drive and my docker started to work. I attached two sets of logs, one is the RC and the second is the downgrade. Maybe someone could see a problem or difference in the logs. tower-diagnostics-20191030-1051.zip tower-diagnostics-20191030-1051a.zip