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  1. is the official one, and we mirror it to Docker hub (which used to be our official one).
  2. I am the founder of Home Assistant and have made our image available on the Unraid community app store since the beginning. Now today I looked at the apps section and I see that another Home Assistant build is marked as official? That is wrong. How do I get that addressed?
  3. You can ignore that error. It has been fixed in the next release.
  4. No worries! It's my fault for trying to adopt the latest and greatest before it is out. Hope it's all okay now. I wish the beta tag would allow us to specify Docker tags (like these) so that we could offer channels a la chrome. "Release channel", "Nightly channel" etc.
  5. Alrighty, I've added "version='2' and uncommented the config.
  6. I decided to go the other route as I'm still running unRaid 6.1.9.
  7. I've commented out the config field:
  8. Alright my bad. I wanted to update them because I had to update the repo and thought I would add some missing tags by looking at gfjardim's repo. Looks like I missed some things. Fixing it now.
  9. Sorry if this is not the right thread. I am updating my Unraid templates to point the Home Assistant templates to a new repo (migrated from balloob/home-assistant to homeassistant/home-assistant). As part of the process I am cleaning up how Docker generates my images and I want to migrate from 2 repositories (home-assistant, home-assistant-dev) to 1 repository with two tags (latest, dev). However, I can't seem to find a way to specify a tag in a template. Is this possible?
  10. Make sure you not just start/stop but actually update this docker. The image is setup to track the master branch of Home Assistant and is automatically build upon every release.
  11. Please refer to Home Assistant for help with any components: (also, the Tomato component has only been tested with an old version of Tomato, so might not work with newer versions)
  12. Never saw that error before. It seems to be an issue with Unraid / your internet connection / the Docker registry.
  13. Did you map volume /config to a folder on your host? A config should be created there.