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  1. You can ignore that error. It has been fixed in the next release.
  2. No worries! It's my fault for trying to adopt the latest and greatest before it is out. Hope it's all okay now. I wish the beta tag would allow us to specify Docker tags (like these) so that we could offer channels a la chrome. "Release channel", "Nightly channel" etc.
  3. Alrighty, I've added "version='2' and uncommented the config.
  4. I decided to go the other route as I'm still running unRaid 6.1.9.
  5. I've commented out the config field:
  6. Alright my bad. I wanted to update them because I had to update the repo and thought I would add some missing tags by looking at gfjardim's repo. Looks like I missed some things. Fixing it now.
  7. Sorry if this is not the right thread. I am updating my Unraid templates to point the Home Assistant templates to a new repo (migrated from balloob/home-assistant to homeassistant/home-assistant). As part of the process I am cleaning up how Docker generates my images and I want to migrate from 2 repositories (home-assistant, home-assistant-dev) to 1 repository with two tags (latest, dev). However, I can't seem to find a way to specify a tag in a template. Is this possible?
  8. Make sure you not just start/stop but actually update this docker. The image is setup to track the master branch of Home Assistant and is automatically build upon every release.
  9. Please refer to Home Assistant for help with any components: (also, the Tomato component has only been tested with an old version of Tomato, so might not work with newer versions)
  10. Never saw that error before. It seems to be an issue with Unraid / your internet connection / the Docker registry.
  11. Did you map volume /config to a folder on your host? A config should be created there.
  12. If I run from bash chmod +x on the config directories it will work. But the permissions get reverted after I restart container. # From /config chmod +x . log data conf.d certs ca_certificates/
  13. If I run a bash shell inside the container and run 'mosquitto -c /config/mosquitto.conf' I get the following: root@0058acdb3406:/config# mosquitto -c mosquitto.conf 1442777398: Error: Unable to open log file /config/log/mosquitto.log for writing. 1442777398: mosquitto version 1.4.3 (build date Wed, 19 Aug 2015 12:10:03 +0100) starting 1442777398: Config loaded from mosquitto.conf. 1442777398: Error: Unable to open pwfile "/config/passwords.mqtt". 1442777398: Error opening password file "/config/passwords.mqtt".
  14. I've been having some problems after the MQTT rewrite. I keep getting connection refused when I try to connect using mosquitto_sub on another machine. If I overwrite the entry point of the docker with the command 'mosquitto', it runs just fine but passwords are not validated and everyone just has access. Running the docker from the command line with TTY attached, I see these errors: root@Hydra:/mnt/cache/app_config/mqtt# docker run -t -i --net="bridge" -e TZ="America/Los_Angeles" -p 1883:1883/tcp -v "/mnt/cache/app_config/mqtt/":"/config":rw spants/mqtt *** Running /etc/my_init.d/ *** Running /etc/my_init.d/ /etc/my_init.d/ line 3: [: : integer expression expected /etc/my_init.d/ line 4: [: : integer expression expected ----------------------------------- GID/UID ----------------------------------- User uid: 911 User gid: 8378 ----------------------------------- *** Running /etc/my_init.d/ (Reading database ... 13828 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack .../mosquitto_1.4.4-0mosquitto1_amd64.deb ... invoke-rc.d: policy-rc.d denied execution of stop. Unpacking mosquitto (1.4.4-0mosquitto1) over (1.4.3-0mosquitto1) ... Processing triggers for ureadahead (0.100.0-16) ... Setting up mosquitto (1.4.4-0mosquitto1) ... invoke-rc.d: policy-rc.d denied execution of start. *** Running /etc/my_init.d/ *** Running /etc/my_init.d/ /etc/my_init.d/ line 3: [: : integer expression expected /etc/my_init.d/ line 4: [: : integer expression expected ----------------------------------- GID/UID ----------------------------------- User uid: 911 User gid: 8378 ----------------------------------- *** Running /etc/rc.local... *** Booting runit daemon... *** Runit started as PID 139 Error: Unable to open config file /config/mosquitto.conf Error found at /config/mosquitto.conf:32764. Error: Unable to open configuration file. Sep 20 12:24:38 b38c5292ebd4 syslog-ng[145]: syslog-ng starting up; version='3.5.3' Error: Unable to open config file /config/mosquitto.conf Error found at /config/mosquitto.conf:32764. Error: Unable to open configuration file. Error: Unable to open config file /config/mosquitto.conf Error found at /config/mosquitto.conf:32767. Error: Unable to open configuration file. Error: Unable to open config file /config/mosquitto.conf
  15. Sorry, I meant to say I did upgrade to RC5 but had this issue since RC3. The stylesheets are there and it works fine in Firefox and Safari. Only happens in Chrome when the urls are loading from the webGui. Navigating directly to the urls works. From inspecting with the Chrome dev tools it looks like Chrome is not adding the authorization header.
  16. Ever since I upgraded to RC3, Chrome has been unable to retrieve any of the webfonts. It keeps getting 401 Not authorized responses. Navigating directly to the URL works. I experience no problems in Safari or Firefox.
  17. Any update on being able to setup a username/password for MQTT?
  18. Sometimes my docker container host will lose internet connection. This will cause the curl command to fail and to quit. Would it be possible to swallow the error and just keep running?
  19. I am running Home Assistant (home automation software) in a docker container. Home Assistant supports Z-Wave networks via Z-Wave USB sticks. Z-Wave USB sticks expose themselves to the system via a USB to serial bridge. I'm running into the problem that the unRaid Linux kernel does not include the USB to serial bridge driver (CP210x). I can think of two solutions, but both are not ideal: [*]Compile the module for the kernel myself (instructions) [*]Run Home Assistant in a virtual machine Is there an option that I am missing?
  20. I've created a template for creating Home Assistant containers in DockerMan. Add the following url to your template repositories at the bottom of the Docker tab in your Unraid configuration: Home Assistant is a home automation platform running on Python 3. The goal of Home Assistant is to be able to track and control all devices at home and offer a platform for automating control.
  21. After some more playing around I don't think the language specific containers from Docker are the way to go. That is more focussed on people that quickly want to distribute their own project. Wouldn't it make sense if we take a base image, put the unRAID fixes in that are now put in each Dockerfile (changing uid/gid for user nobodoy) and publish that on the docker registry? That way all could depend on just the unraid baseimage and the maintainer of the unraid baseimage can decide when he wants to upgrade to a newer phusion version (for example) so all are in sync.
  22. Is using phusion-baseimage part of the unRAID best practice guides ? I know that the people from Docker are not so pleased with the fact that phusion put cron and sshd in their baseimage. On top of that, Docker released Language Stacks today, images focussed on running applications written in a specific language. As these will be part of the best practice guides by Docker, wouldn't it make sense to base our images on those ?