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Docker template for Home Assistant - Python 3 home automation

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I've created a template for creating Home Assistant containers in DockerMan. Add the following url to your template repositories at the bottom of the Docker tab in your Unraid configuration: https://github.com/balloob/unraid-docker-templates


Home Assistant is a home automation platform running on Python 3. The goal of Home Assistant is to be able to track and control all devices at home and offer a platform for automating control.

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Hi Balloob,


Thanks for this - looks interesting.. was gonna give it a go but I get the following error on install after dling about 140MB?


Unable to find image 'balloob/home-assistant:latest' locally
Post http:///var/run/docker.sock/v1.19/images/create?fromImage=balloob%2Fhome-assistant&tag=latest: EOF. Are you trying to connect to a TLS-enabled daemon without TLS?

The command failed.


Any ideas?

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I am using mysensors and have plugged in my arduino but can't seem to find it in /dev/ and have no clue how to add it to the docker, I would love some input.


usb 2-1.2: new full-speed USB device number 4 using ehci-pci


root@Tower:/dev# ls    
X0R@             kmsg          md6               nbd7                random  sdi1  sg8      tty20  tty39  tty57  urandom
aer_inject       log=          md7               nbd8                rtc@    sdj   sg9      tty21  tty4   tty58  vcs
block/           loop-control  md8               nbd9                rtc0    sdj1  shm/     tty22  tty40  tty59  vcs1
bsg/             loop0         md9               net/                sda     sdk   stderr@  tty23  tty41  tty6   vcs2
btrfs-control    loop1         mem               network_latency     sda1    sdk1  stdin@   tty24  tty42  tty60  vcs3
bus/             loop2         memory_bandwidth  network_throughput  sdb     sdl   stdout@  tty25  tty43  tty61  vcs4
char/            loop3         mouse@            null                sdb1    sdl1  tty      tty26  tty44  tty62  vcs5
console          loop4         nbd0              port                sdc     sdm   tty0     tty27  tty45  tty63  vcs6
core@            loop5         nbd1              ppp                 sdc1    sdm1  tty1     tty28  tty46  tty7   vcsa
cpu/             loop6         nbd10             ptmx                sdd     sg0   tty10    tty29  tty47  tty8   vcsa1
cpu_dma_latency  loop7         nbd11             ptp0                sdd1    sg1   tty11    tty3   tty48  tty9   vcsa2
disk/            lp0           nbd12             pts/                sde     sg10  tty12    tty30  tty49  ttyS0  vcsa3
fd@              mapper/       nbd13             ptyp0               sde1    sg11  tty13    tty31  tty5   ttyp0  vcsa4
full             mcelog        nbd14             ptyp1               sdf     sg12  tty14    tty32  tty50  ttyp1  vcsa5
fuse             md1           nbd15             ptyp2               sdf1    sg2   tty15    tty33  tty51  ttyp2  vcsa6
hpet             md10          nbd2              ptyp3               sdg     sg3   tty16    tty34  tty52  ttyp3  vfio/
hwrng            md2           nbd3              ptyp4               sdg1    sg4   tty17    tty35  tty53  ttyp4  vga_arbiter
initctl|         md3           nbd4              ptyp5               sdh     sg5   tty18    tty36  tty54  ttyp5  vhost-net
input/           md4           nbd5              ptyp6               sdh1    sg6   tty19    tty37  tty55  ttyp6  xconsole|
kmem             md5           nbd6              ptyp7               sdi     sg7   tty2     tty38  tty56  ttyp7  zero

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I see that you've updated your templates to take advantage of some of the new features in 6.2


However, it appears that you've cut and pasted the extra lines into the existing template.


Unfortunately, that does not work as there are some items which are missing (notably the Version attribute)


Instead of cutting and pasting, what you should do is copy the entire template that 6.2 shows you and replace the entire file, otherwise what you get is a duplicated /config section which will probably mess things up should the user decide to change the appdata path (and not hit advanced settings and change the other /config path that appears there)


tldr:  Anyone adding this app under 6.2 before the template gets updated: If you change the appdata path, you should also hit Show Advanced Settings, and make sure that the path there matches exactly, otherwise strange things will probably happen.  Beyond that, I really have no idea if the template even works properly because duplicated /config paths get passed through to the container.  While it does appear to work, I am in no position to test this properly.



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Instead of doing that, what I personally would have done is instead redo the template via Save Template on 6.2 and copy the whole thing.  The only thing in particular that was missing from the template as it stood was <Container Version="2"> at the top, but the net result with the comment would have been the same.


The Config section is ignored under 6.0 / 6.1 and is only relevant under 6.2, but I think its a bug in dockerMan in how it processed the template (http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=48193.msg464758#msg464758), and 6.2 does allow some neat things in paths / ports like hiding the ones that can't change, obfuscating passwords, etc.

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