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  1. Hello, I am running into an issue where i need to replace the USB key for my unraid installation. The issue though is that I do not have access to a Windows or Mac machine to follow the creation instructions on the website. I did try building a Windows VM in virtual box 5.1, but could not get it to see the USB key. Does anyone know how to create the USB installation from a Linux machine (specifically Ubuntu)? Thank you
  2. I'm using the memory usage meter on the dashboard.
  3. Hey, For the last few weeks I seem to be suffering from a memory leak on my unraid server. this had originally started with 6.1.6, but has persisted with an upgrade to 6.1.7. I originally noticed the issue when I had enabled networking bonding. With bonding turned on my network usage automatically climed approximately 30% with no other changes on the system. With network bonding turned off, my memory consumption continues to climb from when I power on the server to the point where it shuts down running vm's due to a alack of free memory. I have attached a copy of my diagnostics file for trouble shooting. Any ideas as to what I may have configured incorrectly? Thanks Andrew
  4. Hey, Does anyone know why when I enable 802.3ad network bonding, my ram consumption goes up by nearly 30%? With it turned off, my system in use uses about 65% of the installed ram, with 802.3ad bonding turned on (and with no other changes made) ram consumption goes up to 95% use? I am using unraid 6.1.6. Both NICS are intel 1GB, managed switch is a netgear gs-110TP. the bond reports as being up and running, the only issue is that it uses so much ram, it causes kvm to turn off my running vm's Thanks
  5. Hello, has anyone got any experience with configuring unraid 6.1.3 as a PDC? I am wanting to use logon scripts for my network so that I can mount specific shares automatically. Thanks
  6. Hello, Is anyone using the CUPS plugin from gfjardim's Docker Repository? The HP printer I am attempting to use is a LaserJet professional M1212nf. Cups is telling me that I need a proprietary plugin. I am assuming that this is HPLIP based upon my research. My question though is, is this installed by default in the docker image? and if not how do I go about installing it? The current issue I am running into that is causing this line of thinking is that when I am attempting to print a test page from cups I get the following error message "Failed to connect to system bus". Thanks
  7. Hey Guys, jonp asked me to pass along this information to you this plugin. This thread was about some issues I was having with this plugin and its preventing my VM's from working. I was using the current version of the VM up till the point I uninstalled it. The basic gist of the issue was that with this plugin installed after between 12 - 20 hours I would get the following error After a lot of trouble shooting and back and forth, we finally narrowed it down to the plug in. This issue was occurring with the 6.1.2 version of Unraid. If you need anymore details about it, just give me a shout. Andrew
  8. I uninstalled the unassigned devices plugin as it wasn't being used at the moment. Since uninstalling it, my system has run for 24 hours without issue, not in safe mode, but in regular. I have even been able to stop and restart VM's, which I wasn't able to before. I believe this issue may be resolved now, however I'm curious why this plugin would cause these issues. The version installed was the most current one available, and I had not had any issues with it, until I had to remove the one drive that I was using it for. I'm not sure why physically removing that drive though would cause this issue. I'm just curious about the correlation at this point. Thank you for all the help jonp!
  9. Attached are my diagnostics. Motherboard Tyan S5512 Proc Intel Xeon 1230 Ram 8GB Kingston ECC 1 x 4TB Seagate HDD (Parity) 2 x 3GB HDD (One Seagate, 1 Western Digital) (Data) 1 x Kingston 16GB USB3 Flash drive 1 x Asus GT730 graphics card (for Openelec VM) The mobo, proc, Ram, and hard drives have been in use for over a year and a half now without any observed hardware issues.
  10. No dice. All VM's died within 6 hours of applying the above fix.
  11. Before running this process everything ran for 16 hours without issue. I've rebuilt all of my VM's according to your instructions. I'll give it 24 hours before saying it is working properly or not though.
  12. OK, you should be able to view the file from my one drive account. The file can be accessed from
  13. Changed out my USB key for another one that I had, it is even newer than the one that was replaced. Am still having the same issue. It seems to take somewhere between 12 and 20 hours before this issue arises. Rebooting temporarily does fix it.
  14. I think I've had it sitting on a shelf now for about 1-2 years, where it's hardly ever been touched. I've only been really using it for the last month or two though. How do I go about replacing my existing USB stick with a new one, without losing any settings? Is it just a matter of copying one stick to another?
  15. How do I stop my IPMI keyboard and mouse from being passed through to be used with VM's? From what I can see it is because of this pass through that prevents me from using them both were they are meant to be used. Currently when I log into my server's IPMI java control, I have neither keyboard or mouse control. This is what is listed when I check the system devices Unraid 6 is seeing. Bus 001 Device 005: ID 046b:ff10 American Megatrends, Inc. Virtual Keyboard and Mouse Bus 001 Device 004: ID 046b:ff01 American Megatrends, Inc.
  16. This issue has reappeared. Although now it is only effecting one of my VM's. My other 2 are working properly. In fact this somehow turned off the VM while it was in operation. I'm totally at a loss as to where to start with trying to resolve this issue. Thanks
  17. Hey guys, I'm getting the following errors now with my openelec, which is grabbing my media files through emby. Both of these are running from my Unraid 6.1.2 box. 11:30:30 T:140530457507584 NOTICE: Thread LanguageInvoker start, auto delete: false 11:30:30 T:140530457507584 NOTICE: -->Python Interpreter Initialized<-- 11:30:31 T:140530457507584 NOTICE: started 11:30:31 T:140530457507584 NOTICE: Parameter string: ?filename=Gotham - 2x01 - Rise of the Villains Damned If You Do,….mp4&id=7dd46eef0538bd4efbae6c3cfaf3b5a6&mode=play 11:30:31 T:140530457507584 NOTICE: PLAY Called 11:30:31 T:140530457507584 NOTICE: stopped 11:30:31 T:140531265513344 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: Opening: /mnt/tv_shows/Gotham/Gotham - 2x01 - Rise of the Villains Damned If You Do,….mp4 11:30:31 T:140531265513344 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player)::Put MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED 11:30:31 T:140530331617024 NOTICE: Thread DVDPlayer start, auto delete: false 11:30:31 T:140530331617024 NOTICE: Creating InputStream 11:30:31 T:140530331617024 ERROR: CDVDPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [/mnt/tv_shows/Gotham/Gotham - 2x01 - Rise of the Villains Damned If You Do,….mp4] 11:30:31 T:140530331617024 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit() 11:30:31 T:140530650441472 NOTICE: EMBY Player -> onPlayBackStopped 11:30:31 T:140531265513344 ERROR: PlayMedia could not play media: plugin:// - 2x01 - Rise of the Villains Damned If You Do,….mp4&id=7dd46eef0538bd4efbae6c3cfaf3b5a6&mode=play 11:30:31 T:140531265513344 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::CloseFile() 11:30:31 T:140531265513344 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: waiting for threads to exit 11:30:31 T:140531265513344 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: finished waiting 11:30:31 T:140531265513344 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::CloseFile() 11:30:31 T:140531265513344 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: waiting for threads to exit 11:30:31 T:140531265513344 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: finished waiting I've tried playing the media file on another computer, and I've also tried playing it through the emby web interface. Both of these are working properly. This seems to be happening with all of my media files, both TV shows and movies. Nothing has changed in Emby or on openelec that I am aware of.
  18. Don't know why I didn't think to try this earlier, but a reboot resolved the issue.
  19. After having to do a swap-enable on my array, my disk's have all been rebuilt and my data looks fine. However when I go to turn on any of my VM's I get the following error Execution Error cannot write data to file '/var/run/libvirt/qemu/': No space left on device This is happening with all of my vm's, not just Openelec. Everything in docker is working fine The Cache drive where I store the VM's still has approximately 100GB of free space. How do I fix this? Thanks for any help
  20. I'm running a tyan motherboard. I believe my receiver does support DTS-HD, but to be honest, I've never bothered to check what audio my movies are encoded in. I haven't run into any issues yet with though, except for a few files that later turned out to be corrupt (I assume, because I could not get them to play properly on my laptop either. One other thing I ended up doing was switching back and forth several times between having my amp selected in the audio devices and not and rebooting the template. Not very scientific, I know, but I wonder if doing that somehow made the setting save it's self properly in the end.
  21. I was running into the same issues with my Asus gt720 when I first started playing with the OpenElec VM template. I did get it all working in the end though, and its great now. What I did was in OpenElec I had to make sure that I had selected my amp in 2 spots. The first being in System->system->audio output - here in the audio output device I had the option of just my graphics card, or my graphics card and amp. I selected the 2nd option. The second place being in System->system->audio output - here in the passthrough output device I again had the same 2 options and again I selected the one that included my amp. I should note that I also have enable pass through enabled. With those two settings I was able to overcome both no sound, and what sounded like one button being pressed relatedly.
  22. clicking from page to page is definitely way more responsive now with 6.1.2, and also anything causing hangs in the webgui (like trying to stop the array are now much clearer in syslog. Thanks guys! Now for the next big wish, a shutdown and a reboot button in the gui that will properly shutdown docker, kvm, and the array, or a script or something.
  23. Nuts. So no way that I can some how physically move the data from the 3TB onto a 2TB and then rebuild the parity? Ok, a long process of rebuilds it is then Hopefully I won't lose anymore drives till after this is over The swap disable option looks like it could possibly cause issues if something doesn't go right. I'm not in a particular rush, so I will just work on swapping one drive at a time. Thanks for all of the help / advice!
  24. The failing drive is under Seagate warranty so I would imagine that they will send back another 3TB unit. Though they are currently out of stock of them, so it is possible they may send back a 4TB, but I wont count on that. So are you saying that it is possible to rebuild the parity back down to the smaller size drive? Is it possible to just replace the 3TB with a 2TB and skip all of the parity rebuilding?