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  1. I seem to have a similar problem. Came home yesterday to a completely unresponsive server. Had to reset as nothing else worked. Parity check came back clean. Just a while ago it was unresponsive again. Load of 875/875/875. Shfs process at 100%. No plugins, no docker. Don't have logs as wife was complaining because Kodi couldn't play files. So reset again. I did the latest update on Thursday I believe.
  2. Unfortunately I don't have that plugin installed, just the UPS "Powerdown Package".
  3. Hello, just completed 4 total passes (2 normal, 2 force smp) with 0 errors on all 4 tests. Any other thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have been having similar issues but failed to get the syslog before hard rebooting (no other method to reboot, just sits at command line not doing anything). I do remember seeing the "PREEMPT SMP" message though in the syslog at some point (idiotic that i didn't save it before power cycling). I have also been using unraid successfully for a number of years without issue. Since moving to 6.x a month or so ago I have had multiple crashes, once about every week or 1.5 weeks. Last was Dec 3rd, then again today. I was a little hesitant in upgrading to 6.x as I really prefer my file server be simply be a file server and do one and one thing really well, which unraid has for years. I upgraded anyway with absolutely no intention of using docker or any of the virtual machine stuff as I have a separate xen server for that. FYI, server is on UPS and has no power issues. Anyone have any thoughts on the crashes? Sanchez have you figured anything out or resolved the issue? Thanks
  5. Quick question. I've read through your post a few times and through the forum, but in actual use i seem to be totally misunderstanding something. I have 2 unraid servers and am trying to move content from one to the other. I want to have the following structure with user shares on the new unraid. New unraid is currently 3 3TB drives, and all user shares set to high water. Movies->Movie_Name->Movie Files (with all the movie files remaining on the same drive and the Movie_Name folders residing on any drive) With this structure and the blog post I was using split level 1, but after starting the copy disk1 when well beyond 50% usage and didn't start placing on disk2 until I changed split level to 2. It then copied new movies to disk2, switched split level back to 1 and it again started copying files only to disk 1. What should the setting be and how am I getting this so wrong? My next share will be: TV_Shows->Show_Title->Season_#->Season Files (again I want to split on Season_# (keeping all files for season together), so I thought this would be split level 2. Is this correct? Is there a tool/website that will determine the proper split level based on custom inputs? Could there be? Thanks!