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  1. With the recent changes, my remote SMB shares are no longer automounting. I clicked the edit settings icon and then toggle AUTOMOUNT to on. This didn't automount the SMB share after a reboot. I tried adding a new SMB share with automount turned on but that didn't automount after a reboot. I can manually mount the SMB shares. I also notice that if I place my mouse over the settings icon, it correctly displays that the AUTOMOUNT toggle is on. But the SHARE toggle is incorrectly displayed as on.
  2. I'm getting the following error after this morning's update. Any ideas? Jackett v0.17.159 : Option 'ProxyConnection' is unknown. Edit: I see in the release notes for this release that the argument was removed. edce56f36311767f9bff3f1944ea1f0d929ab0e0 core: remove unused cli argument -j (ProxyConnection). resolves #9467 (#10608) Should I removed this argument from the docker run command and put the proxy configuration in the web gui? Will this work the same way?
  3. Thanks guys. Running 6.9.0-beta25 now and NIC is working appropriately.
  4. I'm building a new Unraid server but I can't get it to obtain an I.P. address. I have the Intel NIC i219-v enabled in UEFI and I see lights blinking on the network port. It's a AsRock B460M-ITX/ac motherboard and I'm running Unraid 6.8.3. Diagnostics are attached. Thanks for looking.
  5. I'm trying to set up both a survival and creative server dockers. I'm able to get into the Survival docker at port 19132 on Android and iOS. My issue is that I can't get into the Creative docker at port 19134 on either Android or iOS. Do see anything wrong with my port mappings?
  6. bwssytems is recommending to run the webui on port 80 due to some recent changes to Amazon echo devices. I run the following command: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='habridge' --net='br0' --ip='' -e TZ="America/Chicago" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'TCP_PORT_8080'='80' -e 'TCP_PORT_50000'='50000' -e 'SEC_KEY'='Gh#12uis' -e 'PUID'='99' -e 'PGID'='100' -v '/mnt/user/appdata/habridge':'/config':'rw' 'linuxserver/habridge' 1cd31ce78e11edbac7164b5fc9d41154c71deb2842bf26682966600958e2e3e5 But the webui i
  7. My solution was to select the 5.14 tag which contains Mono 5.14. Movies are now successfully moved to a SMB share.
  8. I believe this is the issue with using a SMB share. Will have to figure out a way to downgrade Mono in the docker.
  9. As a test, I changed the path "/movies" from a SMB share to a user share in the radarr docker. Everything is now working again. I'll leave it like this and manually move the files over to the SMB share until I can figure out what was going on with the previous error.
  10. I have been using the following permissions setting in linuxserver/sonarr and linuxserver/radarr and everything has been working fine for some time now. After an automated docker update a couple of days ago, I am now getting the following error in radarr: Unable to apply permissions to: /movies/XXXXX: Error setting file permissions: EPERM NzbDrone.Mono.Disk.LinuxPermissionsException: Error setting file permissions: EPERM at NzbDrone.Mono.Disk.DiskProvider.SetPermissions (System.String path, System.String mask) [0x0003e] in C:\projects\radarr-usby1\src\
  11. The solution for me was to switch from LTS to 5.9 and then restore from my 5.6.40 backup. I can now see all my clients.
  12. My fault, should have mentioned that Unifi is displaying the radios as disabled is incorrect. All AP's are working normally. I would normally see both wired and wireless clients.
  13. I had to replace my cache drive and recreate my docker.img. I restored my appdata using CA Appdata Backup / Restore v2 and installed Unifi-Controller LTS. Everything was working perfect before but the issue now is I can see my devices in the Unifi Controller but I can't see any clients. The next step I took was to download a backup file from Unifi Controller. I then remove the existing docker and deleted the appdata/unifi folder and created a new docker and restored from the backup file. I had the same results of seeing devices but not clients. Only thing I see dif
  14. had the 100% cpu on one core issue on 3 different unraid 6.5.3 with cache_dirs version 2.2.5. upgraded all 3 servers to 6.6.6 and within 48 hours uptime, i haven't seen the 100% cpu issue.