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  1. Sorry to bring up a very old post. But I did not find anything else. You can attach the code you recommended there under the go file?
  2. Can someone help please? I'm desperate ..
  3. Yes, that's what I see. Vm needed the resources of my system
  4. need help. I have been running the unraid for many years now (I have two servers on different specifications). My main server has a processor of amd ryzen 7 (picture attached) And 16 Giga Memory. Encrypted with the guide - Unfortunately, I feel that everything is stuck. I also see in the processors that everything is barely moving - I can not understand what the problem is. I'm adding logs so you can help me - thank you. tower-syslog-20190126-1738.zip tower-diagnostics-20190126-1739.zip
  5. Does anyone have an idea friends? I'm desperateץ
  6. You mean here? If not, please direct me.
  7. Here are the Settings of sonarr (I've also sent you a private message)
  8. That's how it looks to me - it still does not work
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. Do I have a disk cache? I do not have that, so I ask.
  10. Can you point out from the long thread where the answer? Sorry I'm driving you crazy .. I'm trying to understand my problem.
  11. It seems for Plex not for my problem. Or I'm wrong and it's a general thing?
  12. Hello guys I have a problem that I can not solve. I use deluge for download and of course in sonarr. When a chapter is found it goes down without a problem via deluge but there is a problem afterwards. He can not move the chapter (and does not change the correct name) to my media folder /media/TVShows. I tried all kinds of options - but unfortunately it did not help much. I attach a few pictures of the settings from Deluge and Sonarr hoping you will help me. Thanks