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  1. hi, How to remove cfba7a2eebd6998b458b90fe159a1d8829302a88 address accessed server via ui interface
  2. Hi, How do I cancel this address cfba7a2eebd6998b458b90fe159a1d8829302a88.unraid.net
  3. Can't figure out what the problem is. Can anyone help me please? tower-diagnostics-20200222-0911.zip
  4. Can you provide an example? Or a photo change to what you have registered And what about the fact that the cash fills up fast? Do you see something log I sent?
  5. This is the picture of the cash. The problem is that the cache fills up quickly .. so I added another 1 Gig. But that still didn't solve the problem. I can't find a reason to see why he fills up like this. Can you help?
  6. I am attaching the diagnostics. It's unclear to me why this is happening, I'd love to help. tower-diagnostics-20191225-1236.zip
  7. We know the reader, not just you. Only it is unclear what it is that helps to state that the author does not take responsibility
  8. Where do I see the error? You can direct me
  9. I've been getting this error since the last update, what could it be?
  10. Sorry to bring up a very old post. But I did not find anything else. You can attach the code you recommended there under the go file?
  11. Can someone help please? I'm desperate ..
  12. Yes, that's what I see. Vm needed the resources of my system
  13. need help. I have been running the unraid for many years now (I have two servers on different specifications). My main server has a processor of amd ryzen 7 (picture attached) And 16 Giga Memory. Encrypted with the guide - Unfortunately, I feel that everything is stuck. I also see in the processors that everything is barely moving - I can not understand what the problem is. I'm adding logs so you can help me - thank you. tower-syslog-20190126-1738.zip tower-diagnostics-20190126-1739.zip
  14. Does anyone have an idea friends? I'm desperateץ