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  1. I found a fork of this container on Github that makes use of the Nvidia drivers. However.... the master fork they used still has some of the old bugs in it. Does anyone know anything about python to fix this? I dont!
  2. @Josh.5 no rush my friend. We all have higher priorities than our media collection 🙂 Just to summarize my wish list: Hardware encoding by passing through the Nvidia GPU now drivers are supported by unraid (similar to Plex passthrough) Ability to append a specified string to the filename of the converted file to force Sonarr and Radarr to re-scan the file and not download a HEVC version unnecessarily. Ability to Schedule conversions to "off-peak hours"
  3. I actually didnt say that, i quoted Jowi 🙂
  4. From the very start of this thread, your posts have come across as confrontational and rude. If you re-read the replies, you might feel a little stupid because your question has been answered many times over. You just can't or won't understand. Now if you have such an issue with it, go get a NAS box and ditch Unraid. Seriously, what is wrong with some people!
  5. For me the other almost imperitive addition would be to be able to automatically add a string to the converted filename (something like "re-encode") which will then force Radarr/Sonarr to reanalyse the file and note the new codec. Without the renaming option, Radarr and Sonarr wont re check the file and will still think it is h264 or mpeg4 and when a h265 file is available, re-download it which is a waste of time.
  6. @Josh.5 I have found a small bug. Where the file-type (therefore extension) differs pre and post conversion, the file gets re-added back into the queue on next scan. See below where the same three files previously encoded have been re-added because the original was MP4 or TS or AVI Edit: It seems to add new files without checking whether conversion is necessary. I recently upgraded a movie to 4k HEVC and it has added that to the queue.
  7. I second this. It would make the encoding much quicker
  8. Ahh yes, the ip in my log is my laptop. so that makes sense.
  9. I'm getting this which is incidentally one IP under the server address: [I 190211 18:44:30 web:2162] 200 GET /?ajax=pendingTasks&format=html ( 539.42ms @Josh.5 I am also getting this: [W 190211 18:53:30 pyinotify:929] Event queue overflowed. [2019-02-11 18:53:50,778 pyinotify WARNING] Event queue overflowed.
  10. thats not the address i see. I think its different from install to install
  11. Yes, but the container is not saving the settings and on further looking into the logs, i can see this when i try to set that setting: 2019-02-11T11:51:05:ERROR:Unmanic - [FORMATTED] - Exception in writing settings to file: - Object of type 'Logger' is not JSON serializable
  12. Hi @Josh.5, The latest commit takes a long time to build any sort of queue and sits idle. It does eventually (maybe an hour) start to build one and start encoding. The following entry appears in the log: 2019-02-11T10:41:20:ERROR:Unmanic - [FORMATTED] - Exception in reading saved settings from file: - Expecting value: line 56 column 15 (char 1519)
  13. Really petty, but its annoying me that i dont have a docker icon for this. What URL should i be pointing to for the icon?
  14. Not seen this myself. I would hazard a guess that it must be unraid itself.
  15. @Josh.5I have been running this for 24 hours now and everything seems 100% rock solid. Thanks for your hard work!
  16. Not sure to be honest. Just adding that mine has stopped encoding too as the above.
  17. should say also, it is now encoding. Just no WebUI