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  1. Upgrade from 6.8 to 6.8.1 went without issue. If you don't mind, 1 suggestion, and one behavior comment: Suggestion: Can the login page have the cursor start in the username field upon load? right now it takes a click to get there, which can be saved given username entry is the first action on the page. Comment: In the versions prior to 6.8, one could jump directly to a URL (e.g. http://tower/Docker). i.e. entering username/pass would take you to that page. With the new login form, if the user is *already* authenticated, the browser will take you direc
  2. Fully realize that this is more of a usability/user experience request more than anything else: @bonienl is it possible to have the new login screen have focus on the username field when it loads? Currently one has to click/tab into the username field to start the process... It's an extra click that doesn't seem necessary. PS. I'm on Windows 10, and have sanity checked behavior on Firefox and Chrome.
  3. Hi, The second report I received from running OpenVAS against my unraid box (6.5.0) follows:
  4. Hi, I'm sure this may be known, but a search didn't pop anything, so reporting. I installed an OpenVAS VM within Unraid to run on my network "out of curiosity". One of the vulnerabilities that it discovered was against Unraid (v6.5.0). Below is the context/report: Edit: Please excuse as I didn’t open this in the Security forum. Please don’t hesitate to relocate.
  5. This as I mentioned wont work. Users might skip a (few) versions then upgrade. In this most recent example, if the user jumps from 6.1 to 6.3, the 6.3 upgrade wouldn't have a message not point to the thread for 6.2, which is where Users are now told to delete docker.img as an example. Release notes are good, but the upgrade mechanism needs to make the call and do the work. Maybe at the end, tell the User what it did as it upgraded across versions. A good (smaller) example of this is how Kodi does DB scheme upgrades. It basically sees what version you are running, what you are
  6. I think that either this should be automated, or made super clear as a message or something upon upgrading. I actually read the thread, and didn't notice that the User has to delete the file. Most people (rightly) assume that if an update is available, they can just click the button. I think LT would be wise to improve the update process to handle such exceptions; and the ones that can't be should be popped to the user in the GUI. This becomes more and more important as updates happen on updates, and potentially each needing independent "action". You can't expect the
  7. Fair enough! It seems both are needed then to make this feature useful (with ability to truly disable one or both).
  8. Actually I don't see the need for this at all -- filling up a disk is hardly an "error" of any kind. A warning when the TOTAL storage gets low would be useful ... but I could care less if an individual disk hits 99 or even 100%. The utilization on my disks on the Dashboard shows 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, ... until the last 4 disks, which are then at 27%, 47%, 50%, and 45%. While it's VERY unlikely I'd get low enough to actually trigger a warning without realizing I was getting close anyway, it would be nice if there there was a warning when the TOTAL space available (preferably on a by-s
  9. Thanks again folks! A hard reboot indeed got things back. I then ran the "New Permissions" task to bring everything up to a known state. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks folks. It's good to see at least that my recollection was correct (searching wasn't bringing up what I remembered reading). As long as I can ssh into the box, the rest will be alright, so it's great to see that a reboot should bring it up. Will provide an update later tonight (12 hours probably). Thanks so much!
  11. Hi, This morning I was in a rush, and manually ran a shell script which changes permissions, based on input parameters which make up the path and file name. Accidentally, I didn't give input parameters (early morning rush, etc). Since there was no parameters, the script basically started recursively changing ownership and permissions from /. As soon as I noticed this I killed the script, but it was too late. It appears that the permissions on OS file such as bash (sh) were changed, and I can't execute anything as root. In fact, I had to go to work, and I fact SSHing in
  12. regarding lightbox issue on iOS, No I had only reported on the beta and RC threads. I have just created this ticket: https://github.com/bergware/dynamix/issues/3
  13. Hi guys, Can anything be done in dynamix to make sure that the lightbox pop ups work on iOS? Right now when you finger to scroll through (for example) the update progress lightbox, the page behind the lightbox is what scrolls.
  14. Please excuse the very dumb question: If the VMs are set to use br0 and get an IP address from the router, why is it that I can't VNC to that IP address / appropriate port? I have to VNC to the UNRAID IP to have VNC connect which is weird....