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  1. Looked thru but I am sure I must have missed it. I have everything working and connected (thanks again for your hard work binhex). When I click on the docker gif I would normally get a list of options (like edit, console, gui etc). When I click on them now (only the ones connected thru localhost) I no longer get the web interface option. I must type in the server address with port to get to radarr or sonarr. Not a big deal but wondering if I skipped a step and can somehow get this back. If thats how it has to be I am still very happy. Just curious if I missed a part of the fix. Thanks again
  2. Hi Guys, I am a total idiot and can not figure this out. I use delugevpn and radar and sonarr and jackett run thru the delugevpn by proxy. I tried adding the ports to the variable created but nothing works. I am able to get into each of the gui's. Can someone who is running this setup maybe post screen shots of each docker showing what changes need to be done. Or maybe some kind of step by step tutorial. I am really at a loss on what to do. I am messing more s**t up then I will remember what to change back. Thanks again, and I realize this is probably alot of work but
  3. Anyone know how I can update nextcloud. I go into the web gui and goto the updater but it always tells me error ".DS" files present...I ran the ca scripts plugin to remove mac ds files..It wont let me update..Thanks
  4. Question: I switched over to the ":test" repository and placed the new extracted zip files into the correct directory. I placed all the files that were zipped. My understanding was that this new test version will try to connect to servers in some sort of sequential order. In the setup for the docker I have vpn remote variable as the swiss address...do I leave it this way or blank out this variable as new version goes through the list of servers? Thanks for the help
  5. I had to run out and didnt think of that..good idea..will try next time if it happens...If anyone else having the issue can let me know if this works that would be great..Thanks, wish I would have thought of it
  6. I had the same issues...I tried adding a new torrent and it worked fine. So I deleted all the torrents and anything new added has been working..Hope this helps
  7. Like everyone else usin PIA I a now having issues. Question: in the OPENVPN folder that we place the certs and ovpn files, is it ok if I place all of PIA's ovpn files so if I change servers I dont have to place that particular file back into directory? This should cause a problem if I place all the files right? I am not able to get deluge to open the UI and want to make sure this isnt part of the problem? Thanks for the help
  8. Sorry. I am an idiot..It works for http(s) so when I checked the proxy with a web browser., it is perfect...That explains why the curl command wouldnt reply with the vpn'd ip address. Sorry to bother you with stupid questions..Just goes to show, drag a fool to water and give him enough time, he may learn to drink on his own...lol
  9. Space Invader, thank you for the great videos. Gotta a question. Your video shows how to use the "curl ifconfig.io" command. I tried this command when bashing into delugevpn container and got an ip that represents my vpn working (ie looks like I am in France). I followed one of your older videos showing how to proxy sonarr and radarr (i am using linuxserver io) and have those proxy to port 8118 with my server IP. They work fine, but when I bashed into the container and tried the curl command, I am getting my real ip address. What am I doing wrong, or does this feature no longer wor
  10. Thanks..got it working..stupid me I had to change the openvpn file in the directory to the european server..Sorry..been a long time since playing with this..You guys are the best..be safe
  11. First, to Binhex, thanks for all your great and hard work. Secondly, if these issues are with port forwarding because of PIA, has anyone switched to another VPN? and if so which one? Or should we just hang tight for a few days and give them time to resolve it? What is everyone thinking/doing?
  12. Gonna try this soon. I doubt its this becuase I see no errors with any other dockers or vm's. But i thought this also. Re-installed plex completely fresh install and chose a different version (used lnio but chose public instead of latest) and did clean install of nvidia plugin and re entered all gpu info checking for no spaces. Will run this for a week or so and see. If I still get error then Im gonna try a memtest. Thanks for suggestion though, i think it is a great idea. Will keep everyone informed.
  13. Well i made it 37 hours and had the memory crash The hunt for the fix continues.
  14. thanks..that makes me feel better...Gonna wait another day and retry the install. I read in the early posts here that copy and past of the parameters sometimes puts a blank space. Will check for this. i would imagine if I entered something wrong it wouldnt work, but may it would but cause my errors. Curious if you are using encoding and decoding or just decoding? Also are you on 6.8? Thanks again
  15. Just an update on the memory issue with plex. I uninstalled the nvidia plug in and removed the parameters that were added to run the gpu (quadro p2200). I have now gone 27 hours with no crash or plex shutdown due to memory being filled. I am gonna run a few more days and make sure no more issues. The weird part is if it is stable for a few more days then that rules out plex or unraid issues. But leaves it down to drivers and/or gpu card. When I installed the card software, it was working and I saw the transcode happen when i "watch nvidia-smi". Is it possible I did something wrong
  16. Yes. this is correct. In plex, the transcoder directory is blank, but in the docker setting it is set to /tmp (for the mapping)
  17. it is set to /tmp I had/have "Use hardware-accelerated video encoding" checked in transcoding section. This is in addition to "Use hardware acceleration when available" being checked. Reading thru the beginning of this thread it says this cant do encode. could this be the possible sources of my crashing. Also, I removed the variables added to plex to use gpu and removed the nvidia plugin and am running like I was before graphics card install and it is now 6 hours and no memory leaks or crash. Hopefully check marking the encoding wasnt what did it,dont have much hair lef
  18. Will do. Thanks for the help. I cross posted as I figured plex would say nvidia plugin and nvidia plugin would say plex. I guess I was completely wrong because this isnt even LSIO Plex, but needs to be in the main plex forum. Will try there, hopefully they dont say check here or with nvidia plugin. Will try there and if it gets figured out I will mention it here in case anyone has the same problem. Thanks again
  19. I know its plex because I gave it 32 gig of memory initially and ran that way for years and now it used all the memory so I limited it to 16 in the parameters and it still uses it up. Not right away. I can run 10 streams and use only 1 gig of memory but as the docker runs longer then a while later I am at 50 percent memory used by plex and then within an hour or two plex has used all 16. if I reboot or stop array and start everything back up same pattern. Hope this helps. These are my two cents but I am not the sharpest tool in the shed
  20. Hi guys, posted this in the plex forum (lnio) but thought I should place here as well. Installed a quadro p2200 and unraid 6.8 stable and have a crazy memory leak in plex. Never had this before installing this plugin and the p2200 being added. Anyway, I'm attaching the diagnostic file here as well. Any help would greatly be appreciated. ps. I had a sata error but have fixed that by moving cable to another sata connector on the motherboard..no errors with this anymore unraid-diagnostics-20200101-0804.zip
  21. Hi Guys, I installed a quadro P2200 with unraid 6.8 stable and have a crazy memory leak going on. Not sure if I should post this in the Nvidia plug in thread or not but I will start here. Here is the diagnostic file and I would love some suggesstions as you will see this thing crashes like crazy. There were errors with the sata drive but I moved it to another sata connector on the motherboard and no errors since (with that) Anyway thanks again for any help unraid-diagnostics-20200101-0804.zip
  22. Hi guys, tried searching but couldnt find it. I am thinking of getting the p2200 as its only a few dollars more then the p2000. Are the drivers for this available with this plugin? If not I will order p2000, but for 10 bucks more the p2200 is much newer card. Thanks for the help
  23. I will keep an eye out and see if it is the movies that got added from a list. You are not the only one. I was going crazy as well cause all the docker settings and "mapping" of directories is correct but I still have a few that show up in there. Didnt think to see if they are from a list (not that I could go back and see how I added them) but I will try to run a sample and see if I add a movie from a list if it goes there. Thanks for your help and time in this matter