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  1. I just updated to the latest version of the docker through the unRaid interface and am no longer connecting to any torrents. When I rebooted the docker I got the "connection manager" prompt which I've never gotten before. log.txt
  2. Thanks for the utility/plugin/docker again. I'm benchmarking my drives now and came across something I hadn't seen before. See attached 1) What does "bandwidth capped" mean? 2) "following" is misspelled
  3. I've got an older mITX Atom D525 motherboard with 2GB of RAM that supports 6 SATA drives, a 16x PCIe slot, and IPMI that I'll let go super cheap.
  4. Hey everyone, I think I've found something. The drive successfully spins down, but it seems to spin UP at inappropriate times, which is why I thought it wasn't spinning down. For example, I just downloaded a file to my server which should use the cache drive. It does in fact use the cache drive but the data drive in question is also spinning up. Also, browsing files (with the cache files plugin) this data drive spins up. The 'Dashboard' tab of the unRaid GUI shows no streams to any of my shares, and the read/write count of this drive does not go up, but it seems to spin up whenever anything else on the server is accessed.
  5. I'm using a Molex to SATA cable like this one: It's from the PSU manufacturer, I'm not concerned about the fire risk that the cheap ones had. SMART attributes attached WDC_WD80EMAZ-00WJTA0_7JKPTLPC-20180626-1541.txt
  6. Howdy folks, I just upgraded an old 2TB drive to a new 8TB drive out of a WD EasyStore. The drive is model number WD80EMAZ, which is the one that has 3.3v pin issues. It turns out my PSU, a Silverstone SX500-LG isn't compatible with these drives, so I've used a Molex to SATA power adapter and got the drive working fine (half of the drives in my case are attached via a Molex to SATA strand from Silverstone). Anyways, the drive precleared with no errors and I successfully rebuilt the array after upgrading the 2TB to 8TB drive. Read and write speeds are just fine, however the drive WILL NOT SPIN DOWN. It is set to default spindown like all my other array drives, but it never spins down. Manual spindown does seem to work. Is it possible the inability to spindown is related to the 3.3v issue many people have with these drives? Logs don't show anything out of the ordinary.
  7. Hi all, we had some storms out this way a week or so ago and both my desktop PC I use for work and my unRaid server lost power for just a second during the storm. Of course that meant they both died resulting in a lengthy and inconvenient parity check on the server and lost unsaved work on the desktop PC. I was wondering if anyone had small and inexpensive battery backup solutions for either knowing that I'm interested in keeping the devices alive during power flickers only. I live in a small apartment so minimal size is important. Each device needs its own battery and I don't anticipate plugging any other devices into the batteries.
  8. So that explains why I can't see \\tower anymore... hmmm
  9. For some reason if I copy a file from one user share to another, it transfers at 30-50MB/sec even though it physically winds up on the SSD cache. I've tried using things like Krusader and Midnight Commander in addition to just dragging and dropping files in Windows. If I take a file on one network computer (SSD) and transfer it to unraid via Windows drag-and-drop it maxes out the gigabit Ethernet connection 4 out of 5 times or so. Occasionally it also decides to transfer at 30-50MB/sec. Good to know about the Ebay listings. Probably worth putting it up there. I've even got a little 2GB stick of RAM to go with it.
  10. So I upgraded my board from a Atom D525 to a Xeon D 1521. Parity checks are in the 110's and I still have sub-par file transfer speeds even with a SSD cache, but overall I'm happy. I do have this perfectly good Supermicro D525 mITX board sitting in a box and I would be happy to sell it dirt cheap to any forum members that have a use for it...
  11. I ran unRaid on my Supermicro D525 board for years. I eventually retired it for file transfer speed issues, but I'm finding even on my much-more powerful (Xeon D-1521) system I'm still getting those file transfer speed issues. For a basic file sharing NAS type application the D525 will be perfect. The poor Supermicro board is sitting in a box begging to be used
  12. Just about any mITX motherboard is going to have 4 SATA ports and so all you need to do is find a small mITX enclosure with room for four 3.5" HDDs. Lots of other options - hot swap? tower vs. shoebox vs. flat case design? IPMI? Getting an NUC with a separate Thunderbolt storage box would be an option too.