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  1. Had the same issue just recently too. Not sure what caused it as i just updated it a couple weeks back and it was fine.
  2. bingo, i had to edit the xml instead of using the form view. The port was set to -1, I assume that means auto but I changed the websocket to 5703 and then it started. Thanks.
  3. Well, the nginx error is gone but the VM still wont start. Now the error is: internal error: Failed to reserve port 5702
  4. I'm also getting all sorts of nginx errors. This is v 6.8.0. Think I'm just going to update to 6.8.1 and reboot. Jan 20 17:32:38 FILESERVER nginx: 2020/01/20 17:32:38 [alert] 5105#5105: worker process 2605 exited on signal 6 Jan 20 17:32:40 FILESERVER nginx: 2020/01/20 17:32:40 [alert] 5105#5105: worker process 2790 exited on signal 6 Jan 20 17:32:42 FILESERVER nginx: 2020/01/20 17:32:42 [alert] 5105#5105: worker process 3175 exited on signal 6 Jan 20 17:32:44 FILESERVER nginx: 2020/01/20 17:32:44 [alert] 5105#5105: worker process 3417 exited on signal 6 Jan 20 17:32:46 FILESERVER
  5. I have 3 VMs running, the 4th wont start with this error. Other VMs start and stop normally. Not sure what to look at to correct this. Any ideas?
  6. So basically if I have a VPN on unraid I can't use any Dockers from outside my network? Any way to correct the routing? But then why do some remote ips work still but others not?
  7. There are no remote peers accessing unraid or dockers via vpn. Remote peers are accessing Dockers directly via external IP/port.
  8. Yes. My desktop is always connected and my phone also is mostly connected.
  9. It is a private VPN. I have 4 different VPS servers that I use for VPN. All have the same issue if I use a different one. Then again, they are all setup more or less the same but no other clients connecting to them have issues.
  10. unraid is the peer as I mentioned before. The remote VPN server has: ens3: lo: tun0: wg0: Local unraid uses: br0: docker0: eth0: some ipv6 address? lo: bunch of vethxxxx: ipv6 wg0 No overlaps except the wg interfaces on both which is proper. Note, I am not using wireguard to connect from outside in. I am using it to route unraid traffic out over vpn.
  11. Those IPs are not connecting to wireguard. They are only connecting to the nginx docker via my external IP. The one is a 192.168.0.x network the other i dont know since its not mine but i doubt their internal network address would be relevant when they connect via my external public IP. The only reference to wireguard in this is that when its enabled they cant hit my dockers, when its disabled they can hit them fine. Its like a routing issue where the reply to the request is going out over the VPN instead of directly back, if that makes sense.
  12. The wireguard subnet is 10.9.0.x Local Lan is 192.168.254.x Remote IP example that doesn't work is Remote IP example that does work is Docker subnet
  13. I'm still getting weirdness connecting to my dockers. From certain external IPs they can't connect at all to any of my docker services unless i disable the vpn connection. Other external Ips are working fine so i am not sure how this would get messed up?
  14. If I put by MQTT docker on a custom: br0 network and assign it an IP and port forward to that IP, then I can get my outside connection to work but all my internal connections are dead because I have to go through and re-program them all. (many are arduinos so its a PITA if I need to change the IP) Edit: it gets weirder, from a different webserver it does seem to connect fine. I'm not sure where it would be blocking traffic from that server only, and only when the VPN is enabled. Any suggestions where to look or what to look at?