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  1. Favorite Thing(s) - Ease of use (compared to FreeNAS), native Docker and ability to add drives one at a time. Want to see - Multiple Cache Pools support (for dedicated VM pools and docker pools)
  2. The only host interface container I have is netdata. I moved everything else to a new VLAN, made sure communication was working through my pfsense firewall and then upgraded to 6.7.2. It’s been solid for a few weeks now. Before anytime I would upgrade past 6.5.3 I would get call traces and a hard crash after a few days. I think the main culprit was my Plex docker on br0 since I had a static IP assigned. Overall I’m happy with the new VLAN setup, it was a lot of work to get things moved and create all the needed firewall rules but it’s cleaner and easier for me to manage now.
  3. I’ve moved all my containers to a dedicated VLAN (br0.7) similar to what @Hoopster mentioned. Been working great after moving everything over and getting communication working. No trace logs and super solid on 6.7.2
  4. Multiple cache pools. I know this is currently possible with the unassigned plugin and btrfs - But it would be nice for it to be native in the web GUI.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve been sticking to 6.5.3 as it been the most stable with my static IP’ed Plex docker but I know I’m going to have to update eventually. I’ll look into creating a VLAN for the dockers and give that a shot when 6.8.0 goes stable.
  6. Out of curiosity have you tested this issue on any newer releases (6.8.0)?
  7. Moved all docker traffic to a dedicated interface (br2) - leaving br0 (bond of eth0 and eth1) for other traffic. I was hoping this could alleviate the potential problems with the macvlan issue with br0 and static IPed containers. But I had another crash today. I formatted my flash and I’m going back to 6.5.3 for now since I know my setup will work fine with that.
  8. Doing some digging in the forums and my issue may be similar to this one - The strange part is that user Hoopster stated they see this issue with macvlan all the way back to 6.5.0 My server was running perfectly fine on 6.5.3 with the same setup.
  9. Another Crash today - Here is what was displayed on the Console. Also attaching the syslog from the flash drive. Around 4:26PM Central time is when I got the notification from uptime robot that is was down. in the syslog around "Jun 1 16:41:10" would have been when the server was rebooted. Any help would be approached to see what is causing this. I think Im going to roll back to 6.5.3 if the issue isn't something obvious. Thanks! syslog
  10. Hello all - I Need some assistance. My server runs great on 6.5.3 - runs months without issues. When I try to upgrade to 6.6.7, or the last attempt 6.7, my server will crash after a few days. My most recent attempt was on Tues. - I backed up my flash drive, formatted it, used the USB creator to install 6.7 and then restored my config folder. Booted up the server and ran fine until today. GUI, network and shared were all unresponsive. I was able to get to the local console and copy the syslog but could not get a diagnostic bundle (just hung at “Starting diagnostics collection”). I rebooting the server and its currently running a parity check, I collected a diag just even though it would have been better before the reboot. I also ran a memtest for 24 hours without any errors so don't think its a hardware issue since it had been running fine on 6.5.3. I’m a bit at a loss what is causing the issues with the server post 6.5.3 - any guidance would be appreciated. cargo-diagnostics-20190531-0041.zip syslog-2019.txt