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  1. Here is the smart report.orcrist-smart-20201124-0939.zip
  2. It's been a while since I've had a disk fail. I remember that the first thing to do is NOT restart Unraid. What is my first step here? It is a fairly old 4TB drive, and I've recently added enough larger driv es that I have plenty of room left if I needed to offload the data and retire the disk completely (yay for shuckable 14TB WD drives for $190, I grabbed 2). orcrist-diagnostics-20201122-1432.zip orcrist-smart-20201122-1432.zip
  3. OK, thanks very much. I appreciate all of your hard work
  4. Can you discuss flags?. From the documentation: However, I noticed in this Preclear plugin thread by gfjardim. in his Q&A, he mentions: So, as a confused eternal noob, should I be using the -f flag or not?
  5. I been doing some upgrading, and running into a problem I've seen in the past. A drive using any of my onboard controllers has a different name/identification than the same drive when placed in the NetApp4243 (it was a freebie). When the drive is moved, Unraid sends me a message that the drive is missing from the array. Is there a mechanism to move the drive to the NetApp without the tedious dance of empty drive, shrink array, move drives, rebuild parity?
  6. I'm upgrading. Final goal removing 2x older Data drives (already emptied 4TB drives), shifting 2x 10TB drives from Parity drives over to Data drives, and adding in 2x new 14TB Parity Drives. I'm removed all the data from both of the data drives already. What is the most efficient order of operations here? I've done this in the past when adding 2x new Parity drives into the array and shifting existing parity to data drives, but this takes a very long time. Is there something I'm missing? I'm just wondering if there is a more efficient way to do it than I have done in
  7. Can anyone shed some light on renaming and moving into a specific folder. I did not have any problems with Radarr under windows. Radarr docker container, not so much. Even when manually telling Radarr to rename, I occasionally get a rename, but usually not. The folder is NEVER renamed, but the files inside occasionally and inconsistently. Sonarr seems to rename just fine. Is it perhaps a permissions issue?
  8. Yep, worked for me too. Thanks, Binhex. I appreciate the effort you put into this. If it helps, I'm using SlickVPN as a VPN provider
  9. I was having a similar issue. Reverted to 3.0.2-1-03 and it worked fine. I'm not sure about other iterations
  10. I trying to find out if this is normal behavior or a problem. I've had this happen with a number of dockers, so I suspect I'm doing something wrong. I changed the default port on, in this case, the docker template for binhex-radarr: since this is a second iteration of this docker (notice it's listed as binhex-radarr2160), I changed the default port from 7878 to 7979. However, on the Docker Container screen, under the "Port Mappings (App to Host)" column, it still displays :7878/TCP <-> :7878 instead of appropriately to 7979. I suspect this is my problem. How to I change the
  11. I'll try to clarify my stupid question. This question is more generic to all dockers, rather than specific, but I will give an example. I've been using sonarr and sabnzbd for a while. I'm slowly moving over to unraid dockers for these. I have everything working if I set up sonarr on the same installation that has the media database. I was looking at moving the sonarr docker over to a difference installation, that wouldn't have the media database on the same unraid installation. Question, how would I set up the remote path in Sonarr settings (specifically the /media path) or in t
  12. Huh. TheOVPN file is the one I downloaded from the provider, SlickVPN (should I just change VPN provider?) It's worth mentioning that I've been using this service under Windows for a while without major issues, and the username and password work fine. There are not any certificates to download, like the PIA config files have, maybe this is a problem. This is the info in the OVPN file. Does this help? remote gw2.ams1.slickvpn.com 443 udp # host/port of vpn server # prompt for authentication auth-user-pass credentials.conf # equivalent to pull, tls-client client # redirect
  13. Thank you for the help. supervisord.log
  14. Well, I'm still having trouble. Same thing with both binhex-delugevpn and binhex-sabnzbdvpn. Works fine with the VPN_ENABLED set to "no". Once I turn that setting to "yes", can't get to the gui. It seems to start fine, gives me a green play sign on the docker tab. But I cannot access the WebUI to see what's going on.
  15. Are you disabling the attribute labeled "Attribute=197 Current pending sector count" ?