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  1. So it was the router. Gonna have to mess with it, it was assigning dhcp to wireless connections, but not wired. It acted like it couldn't even see wired devices. Used a different one and bam, everything works. So obnoxious >_> Thankyou for your help!
  2. So I recently moved cross country and am just now trying the server out. It worked well before I left, but since plugging it all up and in, I can neither access the web gui or ping it. I have to boot w/ UI to log into it. After I get in, if I try to start up the array it just hangs there. Now i did have a gtx 1070 in here for a VM and I removed that (sold it, needed $$$) But i don't see how that could be the issue... Included is logs. Pretty please help! I want to be able to access my files >_>
  3. The audio issue seems to have disappeared. Except when my home theater receiver turns off. But also not every time... Lol, I'm gonna call this good for the time being. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  4. I just increased mine in the manor you described. I shut off the vm, typed in the new storage size, clicked outside the box, then refreshed the page. Showed the updated size.
  5. I purchased a cheap BT usb dongle from amazon, and when I connect it to my vm (Win 10) and pass through the USB itself, the VM sees it fine. Until I start trying to use it. Then the BT keeps disconnecting and reconnecting and wont allow any devices to pair (or be paired/connected for more than a few seconds) So I passed through a 3.1 USB pci device (came with my mobo) when I initially set it up, everything worked like a dream, it was amazing! but now the PC no longer recognizes the BT dongle. and Device manager says it had to disable the pci device due to issues. re enabling doesn't brin
  6. Nice guide! much thanks for simplifying the process. Your text in the post isn't a link. had to click on your sig to get to your channel.
  7. Follow up: got new gpu (1070), set up msi fix. for the most part the stutter is gone. It's happened for about a 2 min spurt in a TV series i'm currently watching. Maybe once an episode. Currently working on getting bluetooth to work properly. Oh this journey
  8. It's seems to be an overall slowdown on media. After leaving the vm on for a few hours, all of my media starts to slow down. Or play at normal speed but without audio. (This happened before I restarted kodi, but then slow audio) Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. Audio stutter persistent 15 minutes in
  10. Update: turning Hyper V on got me about an hour of static/stutter free playtime. Which is better, every little thing I do has been improving it overall (it went from stuttering every 2 mins to now not starting until an hour in.) Just trying to get it to stop for good.
  11. Hello all! I've been having some issues trying to get the audio stutter/static on my VM to clear out (audio is passed through the GPU HDMI, GTX 970). I've read through all the old postings and tried what was recommended in those, but I'm still having this issue. I've enabled MSI for my GPU, pinned my CPUs, isolated my CPUs, even disabled some of the C states in my bios (I had originally disabled all C states, but Unraid got stuck on booting kernal. So C1e and C6 are disabled, and it booted fine) Through Kodi I can play about 10-15 minutes of video before it starts stuttering. Through MPC-