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  1. Mover logging has been disabled for quite a while. I was having a problem with it. I’ve fired up my old win10 vm to run Plex. Still don’t know what’s up with delugevpn?? Bernard Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 1004 is from this morning. 1801 is the latest. Thanks
  3. Under the memory section docker is showing 80%. Plex wasn't working before the reboot & is still not working, can't open it webui page. Airvideohd, Binhex Krusader. The log was showing 100%. A reboot has cured that. But now I've a problem with Binhex Delugevpn, all my torrents are showing error. If i force recheck it downloads them all over again! But they do get seeded again. Even though I've been running unraid for a few years, I still feel new & at a loss on how to fix things, there's a lack of documentation other than initial setup that I can find. I need help, but in
  4. Now it's working again, but I can't add any more folders. Very confusing.
  5. Tried removing it & adding it again. removing settings from my phone still broken. Guess I'm going back to using VM.
  6. Managed to get plex docker working & accessable outside home network. Also got air videohd working. tried adding another path & now its broken, can't access it all! That's the sort of thing that frustrates me about dockers. Even after removing the paths its still broken!
  7. I found plex dockers to be not always accessible from outside my network. I've tried binhex plex & plex mediaserver, this is the one I've had most success with. If you know of better ones please let me know.
  8. I have one vm, running plex. I do have plans to add another parity drive in the future, as well as swapping out some of the smaller drives. No Smart errors.
  9. My Mistake!
  10. I thought I knew how to setup up shares in unraid, could never figure out how to make them read only for all but me. Dockers completely alien to me, I relied on watching videos from space invader, not the easiest to follow because of the colours used. Mover finished. Have posted log files. I'd love to get things sorted.
  11. I use to use a vm to download torrent files, but the vm would lose it's connection to the server, meaning files were no longer being seeded. Id create another vm, torrents would download & mover would move them from the cache drive to the array, all was working till one day mover stopped working & just filled up. I then started using deluge vpn, worked ok, but i had to use krusader to manually move files from cache drive to array. I don't mind using deluge vpn but I'd like mover to do its stuff automatically. If I've to format the cache drive & start again so be it. Tha
  12. That's the longest time I've seen mover running before I upgraded to latest os. Only browser I've open chrome with 28 tabs open, bit of a tab freak. I'm typing on my win10 vm, which is scanning my media libraries at the moment.
  13. Yes, although I'm pretty sure there's nothing in the cache drive other than my docker data.
  14. Where's the new thread? How do I correct my mess?