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  1. Hi, Not an unRAID expert, but recently I have noticed that my server seems to be serving data a little slower than normal (actually noticed poor Plex server performance mostly), and I think this stems from something a little odd happening with a process always consuming CPU time which I do not expect. This is taken from the processes list in Settings: root 3964 63.7 0.7 1153420 121572 ? Ssl Sep20 1638:55 /usr/local/sbin/shfs /mnt/user -disks 15 -o noatime,allow_other -o remember=0 I have at this point stopped all of my dockers, and removed any plugins I do not need, and the server has been rebooted relatively recently (2 days ago). Is anyone able to point me in the right direction to get this sorted? My server always used to sit with CPU usage idling "normally" at 5-10% and is now nearer 25% with everything stopped. Diagnostics attached. davidserver-diagnostics-20210922-1440.zip
  2. I've been pointed in the direction of this post from another I created (not realising they were connected due to lack of knowledge). This seems to have been outstanding for a while. I do not have any network bridges configured, but do have dockers running. I have now disabled the NetBIOS under SMB as I have no SMBv1 on the network (It is 2021 now!!).
  3. Thanks. Have posted there to follow for any updates/resolutions on that thread.
  4. Hi, I hope you can help me and hope I am asking this question right. I am running unRAID on an HP MicroServer Gen8 with Xeon E3-1220 V2, 4x SATA disks, and 1x SSD (cache). I have noticed in the last 24 hours that my CPU usage has gone up from the normal baseline to a higher baseline (graph from system stats plugin): I am not a linux expert, but instead of just rebooting to clear it I thought it may be a good idea to ask why this has happened, so looked at the processes list and noticed the following: root 4071 12.7 0.3 1160308 54532 ? Ssl 2020 2502:38 /usr/local/sbin/shfs /mnt/user -disks 15 2048000000 -o noatime,allow_other -o remember=0 root 4168 6.5 0.0 2512 100 ? R 2020 1297:54 /usr/sbin/wsdd One process constantly at 12.7% CPU and the other at 6.5% CPU. I am unclear what these are or why this would have happened, can anyone help? Diagnostics file attached. Thank you David davidserver-diagnostics-20210104-0928.zip
  5. Hi all, I hope I am posting this in the right place. I am about to move house and there is potential for the power supply to be unreliable based on where we are moving to. I am planning on buying and installing a UPS to protect my unRAID server, core switch and router and wireless, however there is one critical requirement I want to make sure I get right: I want to ensure that if the UPS goes into battery operation then after a time (or when the UPS gets low on battery) that the unRAID server does a clean shutdown including stopping all the dockers, etc. Are there specific UPS which will work with unRAID? Has anyone got experience of setting this up and would you recommend something specific? Thank you David
  6. I would really apprecaite seeing some form of progress on the Mover to show how long it is likely to run or a count of files to be moved or something.
  7. Are we talking seconds? minutes?  good point. I think it pauses at that screen for about 2 minutes. not sure how i can tell exactly other than to run a stopwatch whilst watching? Is there a log file I could look at with timestamps? Thanks for the other answer. I had looked but clearly not well enough. David
  8. Hi, Not posted for a while so apologies if I have missed any required information. Since updating my server to version 6.7 I have noticed that it has been much slower to start up than previous versions. I do not do much at the unRAID level on my server and it is a fairly simple setup; 4x SATA HDD and single SSD as cache drive, all in an HP MicroServer Gen8 with Xeon E3-1220 with 16Gb ECC Ram. When I have watched a reboot I notice that it appeart to wait for a long time on the screen below for haveged to load: Is there a reason why this may take an unusually long time to start? Also every time the server starts I have to manually press the Start array button regardless of how the server was shut down meaning none of my dockers start if the server restarts unexpectedly. Any advice or information appreciated. Thank you all. David
  9. I am suffering from this error so if any details are needed ping me and I can test or play with my system. Thanks David
  10. Yes unRAID will format a blank disk (or at least give you the option to). For setting up the easiest option is to use the WebUI to create one or more shares (I have several shares such as "Media", "Personal", "Software" and "Backup" but up to you what to create. If your existing NAS is working the easiest way to copy files is simply to connect to the shares using another client and drag them from one to another. Not necessarily the most efficient but certainly simple. Yes you can create your initial array with as few disks as you like (min is 1) and you can do that without any parity drive. Ensure you plan for your largest drive to be available to become the parity drive.
  11. Not sure if this has already been answered but the tech specs show the PSU in a Dell T410 is a 580w so max power draw on the UK 240v would be about 2.5A therefore a 5A fused lead would be sufficient. I know there have already been several responses, but it sounds to me like your system is quiet like mine (although I acquired an HP MicroServer with a Xeon E3-1220 CPU) and I went through the slow process of migrating from older disks to newer ones. The basic plan was use my second largest HDD as the first installed (this will make sense later) and format it as a single drive in unRAID. Copy across my local network from other systems to free up my next largest (always keeping the larges drive outside of unRAID). Each time a drive was empty I formatted it and added it to unRAID as an additional array drive increasing the capacity. When all data was on the unRAID server array I added the last drive (which was the largest I own) and configured that as the parity drive (see told you it would make sense). I have since failed and replaced drives in the server to gradually to increase capacity but otherwise little has changed. I run Plex and a few other dockers to run my media life on the server and everything is quite stable and simple.
  12. Thank you. I had my doubts but the server was quiet enought to stop everything this morning, the DNS is now and and everything is working at full speed. I really wonder what Sky broke in their DNS resolution but will leave my curiosity alone for now
  13. Where did you change your DNS settings? In the unRAID configuration or at the router?
  14. Shutdown, removed memory stick, put in my Windows 10 desktop. No issues. Backup of USB taken. Reinserted in server and booted again. Took absolutely ages to start, but I assume this was waiting for the docker images to all start or the UI to update once they had.
  15. not sure that's my issue. both unraid from a console session and inside the docker images can resolve DNS and ping without issue.